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  1. The team at Woodspring are ready to hold the next two rounds of the Pracc series on the 18th & 19th June at this great club. Get your entry into Bob Connor or via the MYA online entry system, or call direct. Woodspring is one of the easiest clubs to reach, 5 minutes straight off the M5. Plenty of hotels and food places in Portishead. Several travelling skippers have already booked in, along with the home skippers a fleet is starting to build for the weekend. Remember you don’t have to do the whole weekend, as each day are separate events. There’s no other big events in the south west of the country this weekend, so come along and get some practise with these graceful yachts.
  2. Excellent idea Darin. Me and the plastic 3D Peroni will be coming for a sail.
  3. The first two rounds of the PRACC series took place at Hampton Court 23/24th April. A short report and some exciting pictures taken by Mike Kemp can be found on the radioaclass website: https://radioaclass.wordpress.com
  4. The team at Hampton Court are ready to hold the first two rounds of the Pracc series on the 23rd and 24th of April at this great club. Get your entries into Colin via the MYA online entry system, or call Colin direct. Several travelling skippers have already booked in, along with the home skippers a fleet is starting to build for the weekend. Remember you don’t have to do the whole weekend, as each day are separate events. There’s no other big events in the south of the country this weekend, so come along and get some practise with these graceful yachts.
  5. When Bill Green asked the A class skippers for a volunteer to take over the class captaincy for 2022, somehow I agreed to take the role on as the class deserved someone who sails the boats on a regular basis on the racing circuit. I thank Bill for his sterling service to the class as captain and I hope I can help continue moving the class forward. Bill continues as the class Registrar, so keep those new boat and change of ownership forms going to Bill. The class has a set of highly experienced measurers up and down the country who owners can call upon at any stage of their build process. Things to look out for in 2022 - The Pracc series will be calling at the traditional clubs who sail A class, for those who like to travel all are double header weekends, although the Saturday and Sunday are separate events so you won't be penalised if you can only make one day. We are always looking out for new clubs to visit and enjoy the A class experience. If two clubs within travelling distance of each other wish to do a joint series, one on a Saturday and the other on the Sunday please speak to me - always open to suggestions and willing to try something new if the class can reach a larger audience. Looking further into 2023 we are already been asked for calendar dates by the MYA, so here's your chance to hold an A class event. Some of you may already know that the class has a rather special birthday coming up shortly, more to follow on this topic later. Regards Damian
  6. As I said near the beginning of this thread, let the class COG's get on with administering their own classes. They can create the guides on best practise when it comes to measuring and registration, highly useful for owners, designers and measurers alike. The registrars are part of the Class COG, so if they are seeing issues with the forms coming into them, this is where the COG Team offer help and advice to the owner/measurer concerned. Sometimes the intricacies of designers pushing to the limit and a miss understanding by the owner/measurer can be easily rectified. Also the forms can be discussed and ideas put forward for future updated to make it easier to complete. As we have seen from the TO and the Registrars data, the International and National classes are not generating that many new boat registrations per year. Surely this is where the COG team can help owners/measurers learn going forward - not dragging people over hot coals for doing something wrong. The RYA Sail course is about as much use to most Existing Measurers as a chocolate teapot. We have sails on rigs, we have different types of sails.... The biggest issue is measuring the boats or complete package, the RYA aren't getting involved here so why get involved with just the sails. Now I have just said above to 'Existing Measurers'. I agree there has to be something put inlace for new measurers, but again this should be coming from the COG covering the whole package and not just sails. The COG's are going to have to deal with boat measurement and not the RYA. For example my RA hull needs to be measured first before the sails are even made. Keep the pennies and expand on the experience and knowledge within the MYA fold. PS - was the Northern District Senior Measurer, but now just a Measurement Advisor.
  7. The sails are the easy bit to measure - an online course that any one can participate in would be ideal. No need to travel up and down the country. Shouldn't this file act as a reference manual within the MYA members area. Regarding hull measurement - This should be handed over to the COGS to create their own "How to, and Q&A regarding best practice measurement procedures". This document then OK'ed by the MYA. People who wish to measure certain classes are appointed by the COGS, as they will be following the COGS above document. Once they have shown competence to the COG that they can measure that specific class of boat, their name will be passed to the class registrar (who is part of the COG) to accept forms from the new measurer.
  8. https://radioaclass.wordpress.com/latest-news/ PRACC 2021 series results. After a truncated series covering 3 double header weekends and the Nationals, Peter sailed the most consistent of any one, with 3 firsts and 2 seconds. As can be seen it was very close at the top with 16 points separating the top 4 and the series not decided until the final weekend. From the stats compiled by Bill Green there was an average of 14 skippers per event with a total of 30 different skippers getting their RA’s out on the water. Some new faces were seen at most of the events, which is a trend we hope to continue seeing in 2022.
  9. Have a chat with Roy Stevens (roy 'at' grtayton.co.uk), I've currently got his 10r Sonix round the back of my dining table and I know he is looking to sell her - I sailed her in this years nationals the other month and thoroughly enjoyed myself, even won a race which is a miracle for me. Plus the price is very good.
  10. Congratulations to Graham Bantock for a convincing win at Manor Park. Full report courtesy of Gordon Sears can be found on the class website. Ensure to come back over the coming week as Gordon uploads more pictures and videos of the event. https://radioaclass.wordpress.com/organic-gallery-with-intro-text/
  11. 2021 MYA Nationals The MYA RA Nationals are to be held at the Manor Park RSC, where all skippers can expect a very warm welcome from the host club. The full NOR and entry details can be found on the main MYA site – link Address: Rugeley Road, Kings Bromley, Staffordshire DE13 7JG Any questions such as camping and camper van parking please contact Colin Walton on: colingwalton at gmail.com Mobile Phone 07773 887711 We have 12 entries comprising of several past national champions, looking like a strong fleet going to Manor Park - still places, so come and have a go yourself.
  12. Hi Michael Totally understand your words above, and it's been echoed by others many times. As Darin states above the TO is in the midst of addressing the measurers ability - will result in fewer measures but hopefully fully trained. Side effect for most owners is that they will have to travel further and cost substantially more than it does currently to get their pride and joy measured. I don't know where you live but taking a guess somewhere close to Liverpool/Manchester. I live in Huddersfield and as the the Northern District measurer I'd willingly meet you half way, take your boat and rigs away to measure and meat up a few days later to pass back to you. Regards Damian
  13. Hi Richard Take look at the pictures of the 6m Drisky and the RA Sir Percy on Taylormadeyachts.com for pictures of trim tabs on these two yacht designs. If you're planning on using a trim tab, remember to reduce the surface area of the fin to get the best performance. Regards Damian Note: personal interest in the above as I'm the builder for Tailormadeyachts
  14. Today saw a first for the 6m class - a plastic 6m to the SeaBird design by David Hollom and built by me took to the water. Plenty of you will have heard the chatter about digitally printed yachts, though we'd do something a bit different and produce a 6m yacht. The hull, keel, rudder and gooseneck arrangement are all digitally printed, a few bits of resin and glass tape reinforce a few bits like the fin and mast step box to the hull. Once built she was primed and sprayed just like any other hull I've built. SeaBird will be competing in quite a few of the events up and down the country in the coming year, so get your 6 out and come sailing at the many events published on the 6m website. The first on the list was Fleetwood today. The day started with strong gusts across the lake, but the afternoon bough a near perfect wind down the middle, with courses stretching the full length of the lake. John Taylor will be posting a full report on his FB page later. Today proves this class is certainly alive and at the forefront of technology.
  15. Hi John If my two grey cells remember correctly. There was a revised drawing issued where Graham moved the mast position forward. I'm sure Graham will be able to clarify. Damian
  16. It looked like it was mainly skippers using Futaba gear. I used to have issues when sailing near the swimming baths with my IOM many years ago when I using Futaba. No issues this weekend except for the idiot on the sticks turning left instead of right.
  17. Hi Brian Looks like a Starkers from Dave Creed. Enjoy sailing her.
  18. Alan asks a very good question regarding "Where are all the 6M builders?" I still have the mould and am willing to build John Taylor's "Drisky" finished to deck level for potential new 6M skippers who can't get hold of a boat. We actively pushed the design several years ago and had quite a few interested skippers but only a handful of boats were ever been built, two of them have ultimately gone abroad and are not within the UK fleet. When we first produced the design the class was up against a resurgence in the RA fleet. I have an unfinished hull that I built for myself and still aim to produce this for the 2014 Nationals. I notice that several builders have removed their 6M option from their product ranges over the last few years. I believe, but might be wrong that Mike Clifton's moulds went to a club for club building - best to contact Mike who will be able to point you in the right direction. Regards Damian Ackroyd
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