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  1. Tobi has kindly organised the next RG65 TT race to be hosted by Woodspring on Saturday 6th July. Entries will be open shortly. There is also a club race on the Sunday for RG, DF65 and 95 and I am sure Woodspring will welcome anyone that wishes to join the fun.
  2. https://www.bgsailsanddesign.com/uploads/7/0/6/9/70698521/choosing_a_design_for_homebuild_2.pdf This is an article from a few years ago on the BG Sails and Design website, it may be titled homebuild but will help with your decision on which design to look out for.
  3. 1. Grey boat 2. Grey boat 3. Grey boat 4. Grey boat 5. Possibly the orange boat.
  4. Blues knackered. Simple P and S, overlap finished once you leave buoy.
  5. Too many races and classes maybe? Clashes are unavoidable, Lester came up with what seemed at first an over complicated system for doing the calendar and we all fought against it but when you looked closely it was real easy and logical. Skippers supporting club events, lots of clubs now getting 10+ boats, this is great as the MYA is a collection of clubs.
  6. Strangely enough Guzz, in 20+yrs of measuring model yacht sails, I have never once had to crawl around the floor to measure a sail, just use your pasting table to place them on and this is why an online course would work just fine, save your knees mate.
  7. Seems obvious to me, mainly the reasons we now have very few measurers are for two main reasons, not many courses being run, especially in the North and willing measurers not willing to give up a precious weekend or use annual leave if the course is midweek. The simple solution is to have an online course with a test at the end. Cost would probably be equal to set it up as it would to cover costs as is now, travel etc. This was mentioned very early on with Lester and Veronica willing volunteers but I understand Lester's circumstances have changed so the MYA now need to outsource this. Easy, job done and let's move on. Surely?
  8. Yes, Phil was the very first IOM Champ held in Mike Westons back garden.
  9. Love these questions. I have Tony Edward's, Phil Playle and Paul Jones but not sure you are counting Jonesy as he did sail for GBR but obviously an Aussie. The main point though is, if you really want to know about trimming a boat, vane is where you want to be sailing. You cannot win the start or tack on a shift, all you can do is put a good trim on to win.
  10. Birkenhead is £60 for an adult. £120 for a family and under 18's are £21
  11. Remove the fin from the boat. Remove a patch and discard. That easy.
  12. Under what grounds were you given redress John?
  13. The only annoying feature of using an RMG winch is having a brand new boxed one in your tool box for 12yrs, just in case....
  14. Surely preventive is better than reactive though?
  15. I have had the same RMG winch in my dry grey BritPOP! since April 2011 and it has never missed a beat sailing in salt and fresh water. I do have a visual check of it each year and it still looks like new, I also remove at least one deck patch after sailing her to keep air flow within the hull and stop condensation. Look after your gear and your gear will be fine for many many years, the one in the picture looks like it hasn't seen air flow and therefore is now knackered.
  16. Richard, keep looking and ask Mick and Jenny at Lincoln. In the mean time, to save you posting the same in 18 months time, put your order in with whichever builder you wish to go with. Ikon, I looked high and low for one but could not find one, great club boat, very competitive just like many other designs of that era, Widget, TS2 etc
  17. Hi Simon, mast rake can only be measured in full racing trim so you would need to have tension on your back stay for sure.
  18. It is a pity that these proposals have only just come to light, giving us 4/5 days to discuss and no time to discuss lakeside with MYA club members that sail IOM's. How long has the MYA exec sat on these proposals? Is GBR not the biggest IOM collective vote in the World with the largest number of registered boats but we nearly missed the deadline, how can this be? Thanks must go to Austin on getting this vote live in record time, you saved what could of been an extremely embarrassing situation for GBR IOM.
  19. Correct Lester, all proposals are in the right spirit even if one of them needs a little adjustment at a later date. All got a 'FOR' vote from me. Saturday deadline, be quick, 5 minutes to read them.
  20. As most, I have been thinking about this subject quite a lot over the past week or so, and like most have had a problem with the answer. Our sport should be fully inclusive but the problem with the sport is that it relies so much on vision, be it a mark rounding or close Port/Starboard crossing or even just watching the pressure in the jib to allow fast sailing. Vision is obviously improved with distance and this is why we enjoy venues that allow skippers to walk the bank as to say. This then gives us a problem of how we become more inclusive but still keep the quality sailing, basically it is impossible to have both so the only answer is, for clubs that are suitable to try and run a few events where skippers are asked to use tighter restrictions on walking. Partially sighted, again this is near impossible to cater for in our sport, unfortunately. When you want to level up our sport and go deeper into it you really do come across some interesting things like, is it correct that the skipper that stands at 5' tall should not be able to use a step to stand on for at least the startline to put them at the same height of a 6'7 inch skipper? Sometimes you just have to accept that some sports you just have to adopt a different approach as you get older, instead of sailing the fastest 10r you may have to sail the lovely slower class but I think you should still love the sport with change.
  21. Yes, absolutely nothing except to the fashion followers in the class. Just watched 8A and first, second and third were all sailing boats designed 12years ago. BritPOP!
  22. This was pointed out to the skipper that evening with the video, he then approached the race committee as he wanted to retire from the race but as the scores had already been done and subsequent races sailed he put his boat in the water for the next S fleet race, started then immediately retired. Great piece of sportsmanship from a boat in the top 15 at the time. Well done Chris, GBR 21
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