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  1. After each days sailing give everything a good hose down. When you get home after the event wash everything again, even take a patch off and give the inside of the hull a swill. Take most attention to goose neck, booms and masts. Somebody else will probably tell you to coat everything in corrosion x or similar, probably a good idea but not 100% sure. You will enjoy the sailing, good bunch with a few ex pats.
  2. Not at all Terry, will keep you updated.
  3. Many thanks Wayne but I think I have it sorted now. For others thinking a boat at the other end of a country is out of range, use the forum, I have had 3 very kind people offering to help me out.
  4. I need an IOM and rigs picking up from Sails etc and taking to the RG TT race at Bournville (11th June) if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated..
  5. Come sail an RG65 and see how fast they move, pound for pound the fastest class. They need pretty much the same length course as an IOM believe it or not. Yes, the wind did not play ball on the video so Peter had to set the windward buoy away from the controlling bank, much like Castle Semple this year or Gosport when it comes from the creek but it was not an eyesight test, just looks like that on Terry's videos. Anyway, well done Frank.
  6. Not ideal but I can pick it up and get it to Eastbourne when I travel down for the RG65 Nationals in the middle of May.
  7. The flush deck ones were mainly if not all moulded by Ken Robert's (Martin's Father), they were chop strand and gel coat.
  8. Depends on the 'older' design and more importantly if the rigs were correct, updated foils, on weight? Quite recently a Red Wine design won a ranking race with a decent helm, this boat was then 'given away' to someone else and performed excellently at last years Fleetwood Nationals. Yes, most of the top guys will sail the faster more recent designs but when you get to the top that extra couple of percent on boat speed is what is needed.
  9. Put your name down on the waiting list and carry on sailing the Arion to it's full potential. Look at the resale value of any boat you may be able to purchase and also how often they bring out a new design that lowers the value of the older design they manufactured. Also keep your eye out for a decent 2nd hand top design, you have to move quick with these as they do get snapped up. Good luck.
  10. Well done John and Damian, great to see new designs, makes it all exciting for everyone. See you at Lincoln next Friday for round 1 of the TT? 20 boats already entered.
  11. Not sure any class has a COG, Malcolm, Gavin, Steve, Nick and myself tried for over 12 months to become the IOM COG but in the end we did not reach the standards the MYA wanted, even though they never actually told us the standards involved. Vane group have an umbrella COG but that's it I think. No volunteers, battle to get clubs to run the larger entry races for IOM, measurers running to the hills, future MYA council meetings held in telephone box with room to spare. Alarm bells ringing for me, anyone else feel like this? MYA numbers may of increased but only being propped up by non adopted classes with these class's not wanting to go anywhere near.
  12. Age, Covid and computerisation are very small factors regarding me as a measurer. Main factors are, spending a day at a weekend in a classroom where the relevance of the content is a small percentage of what I am required to undertake as a MYA measurer, if not at the weekend, I have to use annual leave. It also does not sit well with me that members annual fees are used to pay for something that does not effect them one bit, countless club members that enjoy the sport for what it is and have no intention of ever getting there boat measured or sail in a class that is self measured.
  13. Cheers Larry, £47 per annum sounds quite high for an individual volunteer measurer to pay to measure somebody else's sails. Costs me nothing at the moment and never charged a penny, though Jen Hand did kindly donate me some Guinness last year for measuring a suit of IOMsails which was gratefully accepted and drunk. Think I may give this one a miss and just measure away until the deadline is reached and I can no longer measure without a licence.
  14. I am presuming, RYA measurers have to be affiliated to the RYA? No idea of this cost but I also presume this will be an annual payment? Does the MYA pay this cost or is it down to each measurer to pay this then have the embarrassment of charging to measure each boat? Can someone on council at least have the courtesy to respond please, at this rate we will be lucky to have a dozen measurers in operation throughout the country once the deadline kicks in.
  15. I have just received my email from Graham Bantock (MYA tech secretary) regarding the need to participate on the RYA sail measurement course. Few questions. 1. Is this now a classroom course? I thought we were looking into an online course dedicated to model yachts? 2. If any current measures do not participate on the course, what time restraint is there before they are excluded from being a measure? 3. The course is just a sail measurement course and does not include hull measurement? 4. What financial package does the measurer receive for participation on the classroom course?
  16. Trevor, as you are a newbie you will have enough to think about besides from all those rules. Just duck a few transoms when you are on port until you are happy to tack onto the starboard lay line, start thinking about this 20+ boat lengths from the mark to avoid a windward mark raft of boat soup. Always two options, easy option and correct option, one causes mayhem and the other will gain you respect within the fleet.
  17. Well, if it is it will be extremely damaging to the UK sail makers.
  18. Practice, practice, practice. Train alone if needed, hold your boat in position for 20 seconds, then increase time upto 1 minute without being in irons when you sheet on. This one minute can be as much as 90 seconds at Euros or Worlds depending on how critical positioning is on the start line.
  19. Entries will open up for our overseas friends on the 15th of January (tomorrow). There are only 21 places left and these will be snapped up so this is your last chance to guarantee a place. Come and join us for 3 days of great sailing and great socials.
  20. 316 marine stainless steel is needed, you have been sold inferior stainless bearings, send them back.
  21. So, having been on both defunct websites it has the following names listed as the exec. Marblehead. Chair.....Phil Holiday VC.......Selwyn Holland Events.....Matteo Longhi Tech.....Graham Bantock Finance....Thomy Blatter 10r Chair.....Selwyn Holland VC......Phil Holiday Events....Henning Faas Tech....Gerd Mentges Finance....Thomy Blatter We have been told that Graham Bantock and Phil Holiday are no longer part of the exec, have they been replaced? If not, that leaves 5 people on the exec of both organisations. As Phil has pointed out, this application is the first he knew of it and he is the GBR point of contact, who was asked there oppinion on this matter outside these 5 people?
  22. Darin, agree with you except the bit that says 'if I were to be asked to vote'. Applications in and being discussed in October WS meeting. IRSA already made the transfer of funds which I am sure will alarm everyone. NO DISCUSSION, NO VOTE. Bloody disgraceful behaviour.
  23. Hi Solent, thanks for answering what you can. Where you mention that IRSA take a large cut of the proceeds of a World Championship, do you know this is £15 per boat entered, I don't feel this is a large amount and you can bet your bottom dollar WS recognition will cost far more than this per boat, will WS also want each boat to be registered with them and a little sticker placed on the boat to say as much? Please do not get the wrong impression of my posts, I hope this venture works out but just cannot endorse the way it has been brought about, zero transparency. Up to 8 entered for the Nationals now, great lake for the 10's to stretch their legs on but feel I have done more to market the race in my forum posts than the whole of the foundation put together.
  24. I feel free so would like to ask a few questions if I may. What are the names of the foundation executives and who voted them in place? Applications for the two classes have been made to WS and this was voted on and agreed unanimously by the foundation Exec, was anyone else in the World that sails in these classes asked to vote? Or even any input/discussion outside of the foundation? The right to hold World Championships not linked to IRSA regs, IRSA regs allow each class to hold a World and Continental Championship biennial at the moment, do the founder exec plan on more events if part of WS? £1000 joining fee and several hundred pound membership for each class, how much is several hundred pound, £200 or £900 each year? This membership could cost £3800 to start up, is this money coming from IRSA to begin with? At present IRSA allow costs for representation from an official from IRSA and another official from the ICA to be present at World Championships, is this representation, but only one from the NCA, going to be continued? To sum up, what exactly is the advantage of this application because to me it looks like a highly costly affair to get 2 seats on the top table. At present it is the IOM class that is the main contributor to the IRSA and I just want to know how the 2 classes plan to raise finances each year to cover the costs. Please remember this, we have 4 entries to the 2021 GBR Nationals...
  25. 6 positives but no negatives listed, too good to be true surely? Power mad people making decisions that will eventually kill the class's they get involved in. 4 entries for this years 10r Nationals so far, channel your energy into boosting numbers. The milliner will be busy.
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