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  1. I suppose if you are going to say anything make sure it is very loud so it becomes information freely available to all competitors.
  2. In a local full size regatta a competitor tried to protest the comittee. His argument was that several boats were ocs at the start. The sail numbers were hailed but his was the last to be hailed and claims he was disadvantaged in that he had to sail further to return and re start correctly.
  3. The way Prada looked Patriot really will have to produce some Magic to win 4 of the next 5 races.
  4. Almost certainly there is predictive software that could calculate if boats were likely to cross safely. I doubt any of them would be able to take into account the speed changes involved in gusts, the sailing angle changes of both boats due to windshifts and tacticle decisions. The Mk 1 eyeball coupled to the human brain (well some) is still probably the best computer for this situation.
  5. I personally would rather have a scruffy patch rather than take any chance of one lifting and the possibility of a sunk boat.
  6. It would not be part of the Hull under ERS nor is it a permitted IOM fitting.
  7. Hi Trev Ime afraid I never did have any set up notes being a far less competent skippers than most that do. Always have been a seat of my pants sailor and have never had any measurements or notes to go on. My general rule of thumb is to set a boat up so it handles well. A boat you are fighting round the course will rarely be a fast one.
  8. The stuff I use comes from a local welding supplies place. They stock all sorts of stuff including the 1 metre length rods. But apart from that Sails etc have 1.8mm stuff. http://www.sailsetc2.com/store/index.php/wire-1130.html
  9. David one of the problems would be that if a boat had different colour panels it can often make a very effective camo effect and make reading sail numbers difficult. We used to have a member who made his own sails from clear material. With clutter and other boats behind him it was impossible to read his numbers. But I believe this is legal.
  10. Speaking as a fisherman who spends a lot of time looking at a float I can safely say that for most of the time the best colour to see is black.
  11. You might like to give this group a try. http://www.vmyg.org.uk/
  12. Barry Chisam

    BASIL ?

    Prabably a Tony Abel 6 Metre Dolphin. Heres the only pic I could find
  13. If protesting a boat for not sailing the course should this be done after the race has finished? Until then a boat has not sailed the wrong course and protesting them would surely be outside assistance giving them a chance to correct the error.
  14. And we wonder why some potential members are put off by the rules.
  15. All very interesting bandying about rule definitions etc but I think most of us know exactly what it means. If a row boat deviates from its straight course she must give non row boats room to keep clear. If a boat is allowed to lift on a windshift which prevents the other boat from keeping clear it makes the rule nonsense.
  16. Easy David just pick the opposite one to me, I always get it wrong.
  17. Hi Melissa There can be several reasons for a penalty not being taken by a boat touching a mark. In the same way that an observer must only call contact if he is sure it happened a skipper would not be obliged to take a penalty without a call if he was in doubt about contact. Secondly you were watching a video possibly taken with a long lense that could show a minor contact not obvious to the naked eye.
  18. Also depends on what paint is already on and what you intend to overcoat with. Not all paints are compatible with one and other.
  19. So that brings me to the last part of rule 15, unless she acquires right of way because of the other boat’s actions. If the boat gaining right of way because of the other boat tacking still has to give room for the other boat to keep clear what is the reason for this part of the rule which appears to say she does not initially have to give the other boat room..
  20. And while on the subject, rule 15. 15 ACQUIRING RIGHT OF WAY When a boat acquires right of way, she shall initially give the other boat room to keep clear, unless she acquires right of way because of the other boat’s actions. On a beat a stb boat makes a tight close tack after passing ahead of a port boat Can port, now the leeward boat having gained rights by the other boat tacking alter course as she pleases and would this include not giving the windward boat room to keep clear. If so for how long would this situation last for? until rights change again. And if this is not the case why does rule 15 even exist.
  21. Pretty sure it is (or was) a Squire Kay Sea Scamp IOM.
  22. As this is posted in the R36 section which is not an international class I can't quite see why IOMICA or IRSA would have anything to contribute on the matter.
  23. Another thanks for Damian. One query, shame the final sheet was shown folded, will we see a full sheet.
  24. Allways was one of my pet hates big boat sailing, the guy that says ''I don't race, I only sail for fun'' And I race because I dont enjoy it ??????????
  25. Once again David you are like a dog with a bone. As I have already said The decision was made by three people all of which are probably far mor experienced than the rest of us. Those three made up the TC at the time who were asked to make an interpretation. This they did the outcome of which resulted in a neccessary rule change. Now you can go on about it all you like but I can assure you there are more that agree with the decision than do not. They are just not so voiciferous. It could be that three other equally experienced people may have come up with a different decision but they were not the TC. My opinion is that the example in your diagram allows for a more efficient kicker angle, a function that exeeds its normal operation. Now I have told you what I think, right or wrong you can continue gnawing away at that same old tasteless meatless bone but I for one will no longer be fighting you for the scraps.
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