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    Mike CW (Bill) Sykes was in all senses of the word a master craftsman. His yachts won medal after medal at the Model Engineers Exhibition. He was a member at Bournville and he designed and built boats to all of the rules. His Marbleheads in the 70's and 80's just swept everything before them as did his A's, most were free sailing. In his later years he turned to radio with designs in the A Class which is where your new acquisition comes from. Bills boats were all beautifully built and he made everything, including the sails, they were also extremely competitive. His final free sailing A design, the VC2, even after 20 or more years is at the forefront of the current vane fleet and is very much the benchmark against which designs are judged. When you are next at BV we can talk more about Bill Bill Green
  2. I have been giving some thought to the 2015 R6m National and discussing it with Mike Ewart the Class Captain. Racing radio 6m's came into being using Match Racing as the format and the 6mOA used that format in its formative years. I have recently been involved in helping to organise the Race of Champions, which uses a combination of match and fleet racing and it occurred to me that this would ideally suit R6metres. For those that know the full size world, 6 metres and their larger sisters 12 metres, have been competing using match racing as the main racing format. 12metres were the Americas Cup monohull class until superseded by the current multihulls and you can't get more serious about sailing in general and match racing in particular than that. As the model 6 metre is the only model class that has a full size equivalent the logic of using the same style of racing is obvious. They are ideally suited to the format. I have established that it is feasible for a National to be viable using the combined format of match and fleet racing. So before embarking on getting the necessary documents sorted I thought I would test the water with the 6m skippers to see what their thoughts are. To further this I have arranged with Bournville MYPBC to add an Open Race in the proposed mixed format to be held on the 26 October as a trial and all are welcome. This forum is the ideal place to have the discussion about the suggestion and I'd appreciate any constructive input from R6m skippers. Bill Green MYA Racing Officer
  3. Sounds good, let's have a chat at Bournville
  4. Mike I think I can provide some info. The design is old, it was aimed at the build it yourself chaps. It is hard chined and intended to be built out of thin multi layer ply. I have only ever seen one and to be fair it really didn't perform all that well. Adrian Brewer is Australian and there is not much of a history if 6's in Aus.If I remember correctly Chris Jackson commissioned Adrian to produce the design for use in Marine Modelling not long after we kicked off R6's. Hope that helps. Are you coming to the R6 Open at Bournville at the end of March?
  5. Whilst of course ministering to needs of the Six metre Class, which is where the additional arms will come in very handy. Not considering a breeding pair are you?
  6. Tony I have researched the 6metre Register and the sail number quoted is listed to another well known boat and not to a boat by Russell Ferriday. I have looked through the register and there is only one boat listed as being built by him. It is a red hulled Tern designed by John Lewis previously owned by Richard Uttley called Vermillion under sail no 887. If you have the certificate with the boat please post it to me and I will get changed over into your ownership. If the boat is not registered it will need measuring before formal certification can be issued. Gosport is a club in your area where this can be carried out. If I remember back Russell sold a number of Tern hulls but most went unmeasured and registered. Bill Green 6m Registrar
  7. Mike I think the best answer to that is No, certainly in the Midlands and I suspect elsewhere. The only event where match racing figures is in the Race of Champions.
  8. Mike and Alan Can you guys ring me please I need to chat something through with you. Thanks Bill
  9. Alan In part you are right availability is part of the issue. It's not the whole story, in my view sailing in this country and the world is dominated by IOM at this moment in time. I've said recently that the M in MYA stands for Model not Metre because all the other classes are similarly affected. There is not the diversity that there used to be, at Bournville we spread ourselves across a variety of classes because that is the way we have always been. There are not many clubs like us and we spread ourselves even thinner by being involved in free sailing as well. Enough of this waffle and lets cut to the chase, the class needs someone to act as class captain, I dare not take on any more or my senior management will be seriously on my case, why don't you take on the role and I'll back you up. We have done this in the past so let's role it out again. Deal or no Deal?
  10. Mike And there was me thinking you might just volunteer your services, being a founder member and all. If it's measuring you are after give me a ring and we can sort something out after the break
  11. All Mike Ewart, Bill Akers and myself were three guys who kicked off R6m sailing, we converted free sailing boats to radio and to make sailing worthwhile we took an unusual view which was to concentrate on match racing as the format. We had more skippers than boats so the boats were rotated around the skippers to provide the competition. It didn't meet everyone's approval but what it do was kick off the class. From that small beginning the class started and it created the first of the Class Associations which managed things on behalf of the MYA, it has only recently returned fully to the MYA. Most of this history has got lost in in recent times but it indicates the important part the class has played. It is the only class that has a basis in full size being based on what was an Olympic Class day boat. It is probably the most difficult class to measure, a thorough knowledge of the rules and access to the requisite equipment is a base requirement for the Measurer. So where is all this leading, it's very simple, the class must not be allowed to disappear due to indifference, I have already offered my services to act as Class Captain if no one else steps forward. I have a number of roles within the MYA so I'm loath the take on another but I will do so if it means this class failing. It needs someone to step forward and promote this class back into the fore where it belongs. Go on you know it makes sense
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