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  1. Hi is there any chances of some more pictures particularly the stern from above and below nay help identify. Brian
  2. Still Looking for a highlander or mould Brian
  3. Hi All Does anyone have or know of someone who has a Mould for a Highlander? Many Thanks Brian
  4. Trying to identify this yacht design. Hull appears to be pre pregnated fibreglass deck is carbon fibre honeycomb. Length overall 1283mm, beam 158mm approx. There is no build details inside the hull that I can find. It maybe a 10R not sure. what ever it is it sails well [img][/img] Many Thanks Brian
  5. Many thanks Brad Aparrently the BBC filmed a race at the Southampton Boat Show, the boats are known as “Kensington Ones” two more snippets of info I have been told. Brian
  6. Thanks Mike will look at them. And yes I liked the lines that what got my interest up John Lewis design from 1992 I'm told. Brian
  7. Hi All Still trying to get more info on these two yachts does anyone recognise the logo on the sail.? Many Thanks Brian
  8. Hi All New to all this radio stuff in Yachts. I have two boats similar to A class but not A class both from 1992 that I'm restoring to use and just got a few questions. They both have Whirlwind Olympics fitted. What would be a modern equivalent? Is it better to have two batteries one for RX and rudder the other for the winch motor? Have included a picture of said Yachts 84 Inch overall to give some idea of scale Many Thanks Brian
  9. Hi All Can anyone shed any more light on the 2 boats pictured. So far I have learnt they are a one off design by John Lewis for the LMYC/MYSA in the 90's there were 12 built? ( thanks Graham and Sailsetc for that info). The class did not take of and the boats were sold off. Well I seem to have found 2 at Auction in South London. my intention is to restore them over winter although they are 90% complete both have gel coat damage and other signs of a hard life. My question is does anyone have any pictures of them or can supply any other information. It would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Brian
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