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  1. Two boats hovering below the start line on a Black Flag start Windward boat (W) drifts down onto Leeward boat (L) and contact made L shouts protest The two boats remain in contact but sail slowly across the line whilst still in contact before the start signal RO callls both L and W OCS Can L still protest W and if successful can the Protest Committee over turn the DSQ and award redress or does the DSQ stand?
  2. Thanks for the replies, On a related matter that of scoring, am I correct in thinking In a one heat Race, Boat A would score Fleet plus 1 point for a DSQ, Boat B would also score Fleet plus 1 if they retired. In Multiple heats Race, Boat A would still score Fleet plus 1 ( which maybe 54 plus 1) but Boat B would score Heat number plus 1 ( which maybe 16 plus 1), both boats being demoted one fleet. I which case the argument for boat B gaining an advantage seems stronger.
  3. Starting under Black Flag rules is common in full size racing but rare in RC racing but it has been in force in the current IOM worlds. I was asked my opinion on the following scenario, which I gave but with more time to think about it maybe a different answer would/ should have been forth coming. Starting under black flag A few seconds before the gun Boat A is hovering on starboard at the windward end of the line. Boat B approaches from astern at full speed, realises it is early and in manoeuvring in an attempt to avoid crossing the line hits Boat A on the transom. Boat A is forced across the line before the gun Boat B acknowledges the contact, does a turn, and does not cross the start line until after the gun. RO calls Boat A Black flag and is DSQ Questions Is there any way a protest committee can offer any comfort to boat A ? If boat A protests boat B on the basis of gaining an unfair advantage, what would be the likely outcome ?
  4. I was a skipper when the following occurred. The course was Windward/Leeward and the windward Mark B taken to starboard. Mark A was set about 10m to the left of Mark B (looking into the wind) approx square to the wind direction. The finishing line was designated between Mark A and Mark B. I was approaching Mark B on Starboard with the intention of tacking onto port, rounding the mark and sailing another lap. As I crossed the line between Mark A and Mark B the sound signal was given ( which in all previous and subsequent heats was given to the first boat to cross the finishing line). I eased my sheets thinking that I had miss counted the number of laps I had sailed. There was then heated discussion from other skippers saying there was another lap to sail. They rounded the mark and I set off again for another lap 50m and 6 boats behind them. The first boat across the line on the next lap had a sound signal and I finished 4 th. What, if anything could or should I have done? It is highly likely that next time a similar event occurs I will be the Race Officer so what , if any could or should have been done? At the time I had no idea of what to do and as I didn't get demoted to B Fleet I let the result stand, but I would have liked a first!
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