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  1. Phil I have an EVO 3 nice fast boat that does not get used due to me still prefering my Isis. Also nowhere near Fleetwood but I do See a few of the Fleetwood crew at 6M meetings, so that could be a posibility. Boat has a current certificate, had a recent repaint, 3 Rigs in Rig bag, RMG winch and a nice stand. Could supply with Radio and Batteries.
  2. stevevw


    Neil I have a practically unused DF95 Has had an hour on the water to set up and then 1 mornings racing. Comes with the bright orange hull option, A, B and C rigs in a rig bag. Also have a new never used standard white hull that could be added as a spare. I am in North Herts. Let me know if you are interested Also have a matching DF65 same spec and even less use.
  3. Thanks to all at the Harwich and Dovercourt especially the Kerridge family for a very enjoyable days sailing. Also to Chris Esdale Pearson for his watchful eye. Those that missed yesterday missed a treat, we had cake, wine, gymnastics displays at the second windward mark and an M shaped course that was strangely satisfying to race on. The former Miss Kerridge, David’s daughter was the OOD ably assisted by her children. This was her first model yacht event to officiate at, but it was obvious that she has a good knowledge of sailing in general if not the outside assistance rule ;0) and I for one look forward to next years event. More of the same please.
  4. John you could try a switch rather than the gimbal. A three position switch should be enough that can be used like flight modes for aircraft.
  5. I for one am getting worried that there will not be anyone left to measure my boats locally once the measurers must go on the RYA sail measuring course. Best case will be a 270 mile round trip, upwards of £40 for Fuel alone and probably a day off from work to have a toy boat measured. Whereas now I can have a very pleasant morning a few miles away from home possibly on a weekend with very experienced and knowledgeable measurers that will shortly not be allowed to measure my boats because they do not want to go on a course to measure full size sails. I have 4 boats in my workshop being built which will possibly need 4 trips to the measure and at least 3 of them 2 x 6m 1 x A will need to return to have the sails measured once constructed from the data on the measurement spreadsheet. I doubt I will bother getting them certified how can I justify losing 7 days’ pay or holiday and around £400 in fuel costs. So, I will probably revert to club sailing only with the old boats that are certificated and sailing the new boats on non-championship/non-series days only.
  6. stevevw

    Spartan #1736

    A teaser that I had from Dave.
  7. stevevw

    Spartan #1736

    Any pictures Dave?
  8. stevevw

    6 Metre setup

    Yes it should be forward, senior moment.
  9. stevevw

    6 Metre setup

    I have to agree with Mike but will add mine needs far more twist in both sails than looks correct. Also, my mast could do with coming forward a bit for any sort of breeze. Unfortunately, that is not possible without major surgery so I have to put up with far too much weather helm and too much held rudder to compensate.
  10. There are a set of drawings on Franks site for the Serene that should satisfy you on the aesthetic front. I will be building one at some point, but it will be a while 2 x 6m to finish and an A Class to restore.
  11. stevevw

    2021 Nationals

    Thanks Mike. Very interesting.
  12. stevevw

    2021 Nationals

    Is there any report and results from last weekend?
  13. Frank Russell is probably a good place to start. I think Geoff Raygada Is doing some work on the latest design too. Geoff is in Northampton and sails at two islands. MK. https://www.frankrusselldesign.com/plans/other-classes/
  14. Probably worth contacting one of the class measurers.
  15. stevevw

    Radio 36s

    Dave I have not had any response From Martin Dovey so I will probably not bother to enter this years nationals. I expect when I read a race report it will be telling all of the falling numbers. I wonder why?
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