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  1. Price now reduced to £450
  2. Mehalha 6 Metre for sale in Norfolk; is offered for sale on the 6M National Web site. Please follow this link for more details: http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
  3. Thanks Mick, have sent him an email.
  4. Hi Skippers, I have just acquired a Vision and was wondering if a tuning/rigging guide was ever produced for this design and if so were can I possible get my hands on a copy. Nigel
  5. Hi, Are there any skippers sailing DF 95's in the Norwich and surrounding area who might like to find a club in the area that they can sail/race at. If so please contact me at: nigelandgareth@gmail.com
  6. On doing an audit on our trophies over the Christmas period I discovered that our IOM Open meeting Trophy "The Norfolk Shield" has gone AWOL. Can I please ask that any skipper that may have won this trophy over the last few years could please check to see if it is in their hands still. It would be nice to get it back home so that we could present it again as and when sailing returns to some sort of normality. Please advise me if you find the trophy. Many thanks in advance and can I wish you all "A Happy New Year" Nigel Club Sec.
  7. NigelF

    RG 65 Merlin

    Hi, was wondering if any one can help. I have been offered a RG 65 Merlin. Can any one give me any details of this design. ie age and performance. and sort of price one would expect to pay. Thanks in advance
  8. New boat bags at there new home in Norfolk. Very happy with them will be able to get both the boats and the 2 dogs in the car together without the worry of damaging the boats.
  9. Trevor, read the article by Roger Stollery on Sail Trimming which appears on the news page of the MYA site. This will help you get the best out f your boat.
  10. NigelF

    MX 16 Set Up

    Many thanks Eric
  11. NigelF

    Kantun S patches

    Geoff, have you asked Terry
  12. NigelF

    MX 16 Set Up

    Dose any one have details on how to set up a MX16. Mine seems to have lost all its got up and go and want to go back to basics and check all the original settings. Thanks in advance for any help. Nigel
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