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  1. The programming problem is now solved.many thanks to Bill at rmg uk.
  2. Ok,so now i have the batteries,now i've got to program the smartwinch.Has anyone made a tutorial video of how to do this,have looked but cannot find one.Have got the written booklet but too stupid to understand it,and knowing me will pull the sheets thru the fittings and hull.its the 285ef.
  3. Thanks for replies,will try these options.
  4. Trying to find 6.6volt 2cell life batteries with an xt60 female connector.anyone know where i can buy them please.
  5. Just read the second attachment.dont know how you found that.thanks again.
  6. I have bought a one metre rig kit and have found measurements for it.is there somewhere I can find measurements with diagrams and illustrations with the measurements.thanks
  7. Got it.thanks for help
  8. Already done that.said to look up form on site.very hard.put in loads of keywords but found nothing yet.ta for reply
  9. hawktastic


    Trying to find some kind of form to apply for new owner certificate on previously registered boat I now own .what do I search for.not easy to find on site.
  10. I was about 8 boatlenghts behind a finishing boat that was about 10 boatlenghts from the finish and we were both on a run.the wind (light)filled from behind doubling my speed and at about 6 boatlenghts from the line, as I was overlapping the leeward running boat, he luffed up by around 45% degrees for around 2 boatlenghts and then headed back to the line(now about 2 lengths away).this was enough to stall me and lose my overtake which was inevitable.was his manoeuvre allowed(did think it was clever).
  11. Can you call water if you are being luffed above the finishing mark by the leeward boat.
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