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  1. Why not come and sail in the lovely surroundings of Hampton Court’s Home Park? On Sunday 27th March, HCMYC is hosting Round 2 of the M&S IOM Championship. Following the cancellation of our annual IOM Charity Open Meeting in January, this event will be run to raise funds for Momentum, the club’s chosen charity which provides help to children undergoing treatment for cancer. The sailing will take place on our water, the Rick Pond, which is adjacent to our clubhouse located in Home Park in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. We would like to invite all IOM sailors to come and join us for this meeting, which is always well supported and has raised over £2500 for Momentum. We do not charge race entry fees, but instead invite all who attend to make a donation to the charity. The club will be serving bacon butties before racing commences, hot soup at lunchtime and teas and coffees, the proceeds of which will also be donated to Momentum. Other benefits are a heated clubhouse with toilets and free parking! We look forward to welcoming as many as possible for a good day’s sailing with keen but friendly competition whilst supporting a very worthy cause. If you'd like to be a part of it, please send your entry details to colintrower@aol.com by Friday 25 March. Full NOR is available under “Events” section of MYA website.
  2. Hi Eric - Not sure this helps with your hull identification, but SLMYC was the abbreviation for the South London Model Yacht Club based at the Rick Pond in Hampton Court's Home Park. In 1996 it was combined with the YM6mOA (Yachting Monthly 6 metres Owners Association), also based on the Rick Pond, to form the current Hampton Court Model Yacht Club of which I am a member. More details of the club history can be found here https://www.hcmyc.org/club-history.html
  3. I am quite new to 10Rs, so am no authority, but to quote from a Yachts and Yachting article "Any boat can be a 10 rater and several Marbleheads have been successful in the class by conversion with just one larger rig giving 40% extra sail area" so this could offer another avenue to explore. Although not necessarily hard chine, there are lines available for a number of Marbleheads, including Brad Gibson's Indie. Also PJ Sails offer the hull for their Tension design 10 rater for a not unreasonable £175.
  4. The Snowbee gloves are like a thin wet-suit material, so allow a fair degree of dexterity and the finger and thumb are free for radio controls and boat adjustments etc. If they get wet, and I always seem to get my hands wet putting the boat in and out of the water, the thin layer of water between the glove and skin quickly warms to body temperature. See no reason why you could not also use with hand warmers.
  5. I use Snowbee lightweight neoprene angling gloves which have just the thumb and first finger cut away which I find gives a good balance between warm and being able to operate radio etc - and they still keep you warm if they get wet.
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