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  1. Hi John

    Thanks for reply on your luff wire connection, it sounds like a far better solution to my rigs old design. I assume it makes a sail change far easier than having to cut the luff wire to remove the main sail.

    The top of the mast is still in one piece above the spreaders so I have attempted to measure the pre-bend which works out at approx. 15mm. I presume that there will be little bend below that point in the mast. It looks like your surmising is correct in that a thicker wall mast will have less bend, I believe from something I read that Martin Roberts has been successful in obtaining enough tension in the jib stay without any pre-bend in the mast, therefore not certain entirely what to do! (cannot find the article again where I think this information came from).

    I have considered mounting the shrouds on the front of the mast rather than the side in an attempt to gain more tension in the forestay by use of shrouds rather than using pre-bend. Anyone got experience of this setup?

    Previous mast appears to be a thick wall tube I am therefore not expecting the rig weight to change by much, I will check but expect the next few races my yacht will be overweight so hope not to be sailing in light air's, if so will be totally crucified.


  2. Hi All

    Thanks for your advice/comments. I'm going to make a quick replacement mast using the components from the damaged/broken mast and a mast obtained from one of my sailing colleagues which I suspect is one of the least expensive items. This way if I do make any errors it will be no great loss. I can take most of the dimensions from the old mast by piecing the 3 parts together, the difficult one is how much pre-bend is required if any? It appears that the old mast had a small amount of bend but difficult/impossible to measure now. (using the heaviest/stiffest mast is pre-bend required?)

    The sails have survived without apparent damage, they are of Sailsetc manufacture, they have a wire luff cord which will need replacement. Can anyone confirm method of attachment at the of the mast as I had to cut this wire to remove the sails from the old mast at the top, it went through a hole in the mast with a bead on the inside to stop it pulling through. I find it difficult to believe that is correct fitting method, anyone know how?

    Thanks in anticipation


  3. Hi Guys

    Anyone got any good tips or advice for building a new 'A' rig as broke my mast today while sailing. Looking at the mast I think the boat must have been sailed in salt water before I purchased it as it shows quite a bit of corrosion at the point of failure.

    I was the only one to use the working suit, just as fast upwind as the fleet but lost out down wind unless the gusts turned up so marginal choice.

    grateful for all help


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