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  1. Anthony

    On a roll, have a look at the downloadable documents here:-

    www.aa-parts.com/en/  (sorry could not get hyperlink to work)

    Gives a lot of information as well as a range of drilling for masts, varying shroud and spreader heights etc.

    Hope of use to you & not overload of info.


  2. Darin

    Not convinced this still happens. I've tried this a few times in an attempt to find location of poster's selling items and could not find a real identity. Please check some recent members as I think this has possible occurred since the forum update. Please let me know the result.


  3. Michael

    Just had a look at boats for sale and the Italico if not sold could make a good starter boat for the class, Any  Sailsetc yacht well setup will be a good choice, most if not all are good light air performing boats and also seem to tack well. Which from your lake description would seem to be main requirements. 


  4. Michael

    The Krcar was a development of the Oscar, both designs from Peter Wiles PJ sails. The Krcar was produced to improve the higher wind speed performance of the boat by enabling the rig to sit lower. (Skiff type deck rather than flat)  From memory the Oscar was a good light wind performer so the Krcar should also be good in those conditions as the hull was of the same design. (Shape) If you look on PJ sails web site the two designs are in the catalogue.

    As Richard pointed out the main considerations for performance is the sail/rig condition followed by fin quality.  The sails are relatively easy upgrade, the mast is important for performance also relatively easy to change, the fin is not an easy upgrade.

    Why not give Peter Wiles a ring and ask him about the designs strengths and weakness, he has always been  helpful when I have contacted him.

    As Richard said do let us know what is your final choice.


  5. Don't only look at the classes sailed at your proposed club but also what class is best supported by the local District. I suspect the answer to the District support will come down in favour of the IOM. If this is the case I would definitely choose the IOM as it would give you greater opportunities to race.

    Also a good quality IOM bought secondhand will retain it's resale value if maintained well. This enables you to upgrade with minimal financial loss.

    As you have by now guessed the IOM would be my choice.


  6. Paul

    The idea of the tube is to maximise the length of the line that is the number 1 suit swivel. Barry has used this trick on previous designs like the Psycho that I sail. This swivel tube is also used on a large number of Sailsetc hull designs. It should not leak if not sealed, all of the yachts I have seen using this have had the hole taped while racing. My own boat was Barry's boat and when purchased was taped so if the designer sealed the hole who are we to disagree.


  7. Garry

    At least you know about these Motions for discussion at the AGM. I know I have not seen our club secretary for sometime so no doubt will catch up on this soon. However we have both a web site and this forum for communication in the absence of a magazine (which we all paid for this year) so surely these proposals should have been communicated to the great unwashed, the membership electronically. Rant over about lack of communication from the top.

    Call me an old cynic but the changes proposed on Personal Sail numbers, Boat registration new and ownership change would appear to be ways of separating members from their hard earned cash, just surprised at the proposal to not charge for a PSN. If this is a serious proposal it would be a very good reason to go with class associations rather than MYA over seeing/running yacht classes.

    As the Class registrars are volunteers and request stamped addressed envelops what costs are incurred by the MYA in registering new boats or changes of ownership? As a personal sail number is not necessary to race but registration is the cost of PSN is an optional extra not a requirement.

    The main cost I would presume is that incurred by the measurers of the various classes, and I think in a lot of cases costs are incurred by the clubs for measuring tanks for IOM's. Is it the intention to recompense the clubs from the monies collected if these proposals are approved?

    Also don't we need to encourage owners of boats to maintain registration as I believe the number of registered owners can affect the number of votes on matters at international level. If a charge is made to re-register a boat how many Skippers who only race at their own club will be tempted not to register a boat in their own name?

    Garry like yourself I would welcome details on any proposals for the AGM not only these to be published in detail.

    Also like yourself I cannot understand a vote after discussion when how a representative votes is predetermined by the club membership before the AGM.


  8. Hi JAD57 I think you need to know first off to what level you want this boat to take you, local, regional or national. This will dictate a likely expenditure. If it is for local use only the water conditions you sail in could change the designs you look at.

    If cost is not a limiting factor you cannot go wrong with a Britpop, V9, Vision or Mojo (others are available). The issue is that to buy any of these designs new there are waiting lists, so you would need to check with the builders. If you order a new boat don't forget to order preferred sails as there is also waiting lists for these. If you are looking for a second hand boat this forum is good or you need to keep your ears open locally as to who is buying a new boat as their current boat will normally be up for grabs.


  9. Hi Keith

    There is the obvious Fox and Hounds, select a Skipper to be the fox (usually first race one of your novice's, subsequently Skipper who finishes last in the previous race) No boat allowed to cross line before the Fox (if they do so it's round the end for them) once the Fox has started race the course as usual. This takes away the pressure of starting from usually the least experienced and if they can force any faster boats over the line a good distance on the beat for them to catch up.

    If enough skipper's the other thing to do is as suggested team racing, this encourages the top skipper in the team to assist his less experienced partners in going faster either by yacht setup or improved tactics. The top Skipper can also influence the result by tactical sailing using the rules to slow other teams thus it also can be instructional and cause some discussion on the bank. (Allow the Skipper's to give outside assistance during the race within teams). Not tried it but it could be interesting to allow the swapping of yachts within teams, could end up with fastest Skipper sailing slowest boat, if this happens I expect the faster Skipper will firstly improve yacht setup but also come up with a plan to improve the boats performance long term.


  10. Hi Like Garry I suspect most of us thought that the vote was to make the existing plate gooseneck's compliant and not to basically rule them out.Because the emergency ruling was made to allow the use of them at the last World's and the change that was voted for seemed just to want to ratify that situation for the future.

    It is most disappointing that we now seem to be in a bigger mess than before, I cannot believe the original intention of the rule clarification (LOL) was to overnight make so many rigs non-compliant. I can understand the rule makers wanting to ensure this design was not developed/enlarged but what happened to common sense!! Oh I forgot we are talking about a technical committee and not a ruling body who may give a fig about it's skippers interests (who have both money and time invested in their equipment). Before anyone asks my own rigs do not use a plate type gooseneck so in theory I have most to lose in lack of performance!!

    I'm not too bothered about the how should the rules been interpreted before the ruling, but as these goosenecks seemed to have been deemed legal at some point in the past either by measurer's or the rule maker's why the sudden knee jerk reaction as I seem to remember them being on the market when I started sailing a few years back at least three World's since. In other words who decided they were not compliant and if that is the case either just come out and ban them or declare them compliant with restrictions if needed to stop further development.

    We can argue / discuss till the cows come home it will make no difference unless we can petition the governing body to rethink it's decision/intentions and by then a lot of the rigs will be modified.

  11. I also heard some of the rumours regarding a RG95 class, I'm very relieved that the MYA are not considering affiliation. I would not like to see a further extension of the support for a single manufacturer of yachts.

    I personally don't think the MYA should be involved with what is a commercial operation whose motive for producing a product is to make a profit from mass producing boats. This can only be to the detriment of the other classes recognised by the MYA as it would put pressure on the existing component manufacturers who have supported the sport by developing parts for which there is a limited market.

    Now if a manufacturer wants to develop a yacht to fit in the existing classes that is a completely different matter. Any yacht thus developed would need to be competitive to survive/sell in sufficient quantities to make economic sense to a supplier. He would also need to supply spare parts for his design which could be used by a home builder if desired. This to a degree covers support for DF65 which I personally think should be only accepted as part of the RG65 class and not be recognised in it's own right. As it stands the manufacturer of the DF65 has no reason to develop the design to compete within the class, if they were to have a development I can see all the current purchasers would not be happy as there yachts become redundant and not saleable. By recognising the DF65 the MYA has effectively put money into a single manufacturer and it's retailers pockeds to the exclusion of all others. As stated by David you look at results from race events and it is mainly Skippers established in other classes doing the winning, how long is a newcomer to our hobby going to carry on when he struggles to move up the fleet no matter how little he has spent.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive entry class as David again proposed a 'sweep up class' could be the solution, yachts which exist and don't have their own active class could also be included in this class at the discretion of the organisers to ensure current specialist racing designs are excluded. I do personally think this would be short lived as there is little fun to be had in skippering the poorer designs.

    As Graham said welcome to the forum Keith, perhaps the council could use this medium to keep the membership informed with what they are discussing or proposing. This could stop rumours at the waters edge which have no foundation.

  12. Stephen

    Have a look at Guildford's web site. If you go to workshop/sail trimming you will find Roger Stollery's design for a burgee. Fairly simple to build & lightweight. It's a good starting place and you can then develop what works for you.


  13. Thanks for the replies about hull finish just a little surprised of only the two answers, thought there may be more debate on this, guess I will continue with the polished finish. As stated one wrong tack etc. will probably make greater difference to any result, but the way I sail I'll take any help/advantage I can get.

    What about the post sailing yacht care, or am I the only one to do more than ventilate the hull to dry it out. I'm sure my yacht is not the only one to ship a little water while sailing.


  14. J W B

    Had a chance now to go looking through some of the photos & they are excellent for seeing alternative ways of rigging a boat. Given me a lot better idea of what to do. Can recommend looking at these to all.

    Thanks again for posting these.


  15. Hi All

    What is the general consensus on whether or not to polish the hull for best sailing results. I note some use very fine wet & dry paper to finish the yachts hull. So far I have taken the route of using car polish as this makes it easier to clean the hull of any marks gained while sailing. Which is faster or is there no difference?

    Also on this theme what post sailing cleaning & care is required. I personally wash the exterior of the hull, fin & rudder in fresh water before removing a deck patch to ventilate the boat allowing the interior to dry out. I don't sail in salt water. If you do is it required to wash the interior of the hull with fresh water each time & what extra care is required for the winch, rudder servo & radio receiver.


  16. Sorry to be such a pain with questions but I have a couple more. First what is the best/simplest method to tension the luff wire, is it just a cord with bowsie & second I've looked at Lester Gilbert's web site for Cunningham attachments again is there a best/simplest method of attachment? I have always gone for the keep it simply philosophy but what works the best?

    Thanks for all your help so far


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