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  1. Rather like Mike for inked numbers I use cotton wool to apply Methylated Spirits (Available Screwfix/Tool Station, there are other suppliers), just keep kitchen towel to hand to wipe sail clean and to stop solvent spreading. Keep away from seams, finger and corner patches.

    My pet hate are vinyl numbers, and i go exactly with Mike's solution, but be extremely careful how you peel the number from the sail as it is easy to damage the sail material. Meths will again clean any adhesive residue from a mylar or scrim sail. 

    I would personally always ink the new numbers on if you have Mylar/polyester sails as this does not effect how the sail sets.


  2. The Lintel design by David Creed is a good open water design dealing both with a good blow and waves well. I found I could carry an 'A' suit longer than most other designs at our club. The down side was in light air you could not point as high as later designs with the same boat speed. Never owned the later MMX version but a couple of our club members have had this hull and it still maintained the performance in a blow with improved lighter wind performance. (The Lintel also carried the 'B' suit when most of our local fleet had swapped to 'C'.)

    With sailing at an inland lake with trees around the perimeter I replaced the Lintel as conditions rarely benefitted the design. I sold the boat to an ex-member who sailed in Spain in the sea. He used it for a time performing well against the local fleet before purchasing an MMX new from David Creed, which I believe he was also very pleased with.

    The Lintel design was developed for use at Fleetwood and West Kirby both costal marine lakes exposed to wind and waves.

    Budget might decide which of these designs to choose, there is a Lintel for sale on the site at the moment ready to sail according to the advert for approx £600 to £650. Not seen an MMX for sale for some time.

    If you consider buying one of these it may be worth giving David Creed a call, he unfortunately does not have a  Web site, i have always found him to be very helpful.


  3. Terry

    There are various suppliers of the Hi-Tech servo HS-7980TH "Monster Torque" servo on the internet, You may need to search a few sites as some currently are waiting for stock. However seeing you are in Eastbourne cannot either Ken or Trevor Binks advise you?

    John, I am also a fan of the RMG, however my current boat is fitted with the Hi-Tec arm winch and I have been convinced  it is at least a match (may even be faster, possibly too fast if I was using more than 6v) .  The geometry also gives the more accurate sail positioning at the end points without having to resort to radio programming. It is no surprise that my current boat has this winch as it was originally owned by Trevor Binks. (I did wonder if I was doing the right thing buying the boat, but it was a Britpop at a price I could not refuse)

    Funny thing is my previous boat (still have it) was  Barry Chism's own Psycho. (RMG fitted)

    Also a fan of the KingMax winch, using that in a Marblehead.


  4. My cleaner of choice is methylated spirits. Use it for removing inked sail numbers, deck patch adhesive & stains on hull of IOM & Marblehead. (Don't have a DF boat so never tried on that plastic.) Also use before applying mast mark rings to remove grease from fingers etc. on surface.

  5. John

    First off mega impressed by Royal Mail as only sent winch at lunch time Saturday 2nd Class!

    As you surmised I believe that the motor overheated first as I had badly set up winch on radio end points with the knot on sheet too close to the through deck fitting. This meant if I left the boat fully sheeted in the winch was still trying to pull the sheets further than the knot allowed hence the over heat. (entirely my fault) The winch was a very early incarnation of the KingMax (Probably 2015 fitted to a swing rig Marblehead).  It's replacement still working! (Fingers Crossed and Wood touched)

    Glad it was not a total loss sending you the winch as at least you have got your friends winch functioning. Hope it gives him hours of sailing pleasure. Pleased now I had not opened the case as it would have ended up in the dustbin as scrap rather than a parts provider.

    Thanks for the education on servo build could do with having you local to provide advice. (may end up contacting you if I have problems in the future if you don't mind)



  6. Stephen

    When you start using the 68gm winch can you please keep us informed as to how it performs with possibly comparison to the 61gm. As with your club we have members using the 61gm version on IOM's, Marblehead's and even a 10rater. I have personally tried both the KingMax Ali drum or an Eurgle drum to good effect on an IOM and a Marblehead with swing rigs.

    I was contemplating fitting the 68gm version into my main Marblehead with a larger drum to increase sheeting speed over the fitted 61gm winch to see how it performs.

    Most of my Marblehead's were originally fitted with Whirlwind Winches so the 61gm version was a performance upgrade! At less than £50 I thought the 68gm may be a worthwhile further upgrade. (Too many Marblehead's to contemplate upgrade to RMG winches on all hulls)


  7. John

    Dropped off winch at Post Office this morning. Hope it can supply the part you want (never bothered to open it up just replaced and put it in the box of junked parts)

    Hope this enables you to get you friends winch working, and returned to him. Please keep us informed of progress.


  8. John

    I have found the KingMax SW6114MD which burnt out in my Marblehead. The output shaft is seized (suspect motor) and it is missing its cable. Not a clue to what else may be wrong.

    If you think it may be able to supply any spares you are welcome to it.  Let me know if you want it and I will try to find some packaging and put it in the post. It will be after the weekend before I can send.

    You can P.M. me your address or phone number and I will call you to get details.


  9. Paul

    Any feed back as yet how this project is progressing?

    How many of these are now registered and racing?

    What range of abilities are the current Skippers and how different are the performances between them?

    How accurate does setup need to be to obtain good boat speed? Or is the boat quick with wide setup range?

    Thanks Eric

  10. I have to presume no one on here has tried the KingMax SW22HV. as no feed back.

    Roger, going back in time well before the KingMax SW6114MD & SW6109MD winches were available (Using Vigor or Eurgle winches at that time) I tried out the lesser priced KingMax winches both the 45gm and 55gm. (6 turn version generally). Both of these had similar issues, first off they were slow to pull sheets in making gybing or goose winging more difficult and the second problem was as you approached the limit of travel (set on radio end point adjust) they slowed noticeably even more for the last 20mm or so of travel. Both these traits caused issues while racing an IOM. Does this still happen?

    I then tried the original Titan Winch (Square Case) which I did like. (Still have this and a round cased Titan which is fitted to one of my Marblehead's.) As I stated earlier I am now either using a RMG or Hitec arm winch in IOM's but looking at weight saving for a Marblehead, hence the request for feed back on the 68gm winch. I do like the SW6119MD but thought the extra spec on the SW22HV could be worth the 7gm penalty. (Other penalty £20 in cost but still less than £50) Extra winch weight would be offset by use of LiFi or LiPo batteries.

    The one KingMax I burnt out was as I said in previous post not the winches fault (Only using 6v NiMh) but a setup issue on travel, and then leaving energised for a long time on the bank.


  11. John

    As stated I have used the Second KingMax I listed in an IOM. I have also used it on a Marblehead which is only fitted with swing rigs. The only issue was my own fault when I left a boat with the power switched on and had not programmed properly and the sheet line was locked so winch continually pulling so eventually burnt out winch. Since then no more issues.

    Now the purpose of this Post is that Component Shop have added another KingMax Winch which I had only seen available in the USA. This winch is more powerful and with 7.2v applied gives two turns in less than one second, and only weighs 68g. I was looking for feed back on this new I believe to the UK model.

    For my IOM yachts which I sail more regularly, I either use an RMG or one of the Ken Binks suppled monster power arm winches which is very fast.


  12. Has anyone tried this winch  https://www.componentshop.co.uk/68g-digital-sail-winch-servo-6-turn-programmable.html . If so any feed back?

    Tried the other KingMax SW6114MD with good results in a IOM for a sub £30 winch. Was wondering about using this latest edition to the range in a Marblehead as spec looks good for a sub £50 winch. 

    Programmer now available from Component shop so would not have to worry about damaging boat as could happen just using radio endpoints to control winch position/turns.

    Thanks Eric

  13. Nancy/Richard

    Taken a look at a Sailsetc supplied Pikanto and I don't think the fin and rudder shown are from Sailsetc. Rudder certainly looks like a David Creed item, the fin I'm not certain about as David's fins I think are normally painted. (looks about the right profile)

    Do you know who built the boat? That may give a clue to appendages fitted, or you could contact builder to obtain correct dimensions.

    Nancy it may be worth a conversation with Darin Ballington as he borrowed a modified Fraktal (Creed Fin and Rudder) for a short time when his Britpop was being sorted by Robot yachts.


  14. Peter, I did forget to say it is worth buying the optional metal winch drum (£6-50)as it is a bigger diameter than the standard drum and fits better. The winch is capable of handling it and this obviously improves sheeting speed. (The Whirlwind drum does not fit.)


  15. Peter

    Take a look at the KingMax winch available Component Shop. This is a standard size servo case winch currently £27-95. generally out performs the old Whirlwind. I have used in IOM and a Marblehead to replace a dead Whirlwind.


    Sells out quite quickly when new stock arrives so suggest you request notification when in stock which you can do on the web site. 

    Regards Eric

  16. womble66, How are you going to find out what the make up of Delrin is as I don't expect the manufacturer is going to tell you? Therefore how can you guarantee that there are only listed materials in its make up?

    Like Mike I think this would be part of the hull as without it the boat would not be watertight.

  17. If I have got it right 'Delrin' is a thermoplastic.

    Also if I have understood the IOM rules thermoplastic is allowed which may be moulded, containing only permitted materials.

    Where do I find the permitted materials?

    Also is the rudder tube part of the hull as it keeps the water out or is it a fitting?

    Thanks in anticipation of answers to these stupid thoughts/questions


  18. Richard, P of 8 is a Roger Stollery design, does this mean it was designed for Swing Rigs?

    If this is the case what modifications were required to fit a conventional rig? When you get round to a maximum size rig will it be swing or conventional and reason for choice?

  19. Michael take a look at this:- http://www.ibextrax.com/Boats/pages/CAN276_23.htm

    The elastic is the purple band going round bottom of boom. Fishing elastic is the best material to use as it seems to survive longer on the yacht. By doing it this way you can remove the elastic when storing sails in box or bag, hence sails sit flatter.

    The web site this photo is on is good reference for alternative ways of rigging as there are galleries for 62 different yachts. 


  20. Richard

    Look at Marblehead Class Rules section J.1 (In the 2018 edition) and there is a drawing of the gauge. The Max length is less than 660mm but not by much.


  21. This topic has made me review my own history of IOM sailing. So my progression of designs sailed is:-

    1st Jaz by Graham Bantock

    2nd Tonic by Alex Austin

    3rd Lintel by Dave Creed

    4th Psycho by Barry Chisam

    5th Britpop by Brad Gibson


    Now each boat was purchased as they were available at the right price and at the right time. In most cases each boat was an improvement on the previous, probably the only mistake was the Lintel, Great boat in the conditions that suited it but I struggled to master sailing it in light air which we get a lot of in Loughborough but in a blow (top of each rig) it was almost untouchable and could hang on to larger rig when other designs needed to change down. The Lintel improved when a new rig was fitted, at another members suggestion this was raised a little.


    The Jaz was improved when I replaced the 'A' rig completely using a round mast rather than Groovy with a set of Stealth sails. This rig was moved to the Tonic which I absolutely loved (Still own it), this is a great light air boat but proved to be a better all-rounder for me. As it was an ageing design it was semi-retired by the Lintel, it was used at times when conditions were light. I decided at that point the Lintel needed to go as racing two different boat designs at the same time was not good and both were replaced by the Psycho.

    The Psycho is a great boat which if set up correctly is a quick boat, just seems to have a narrower performance band compared to its replacement a Britpop. Replacement sails on the Psycho returned the boat to the initial speed when purchased. I would still be sailing this boat if a Britpop had not become available from a club member giving up sailing.

    The Britpop opened my eyes to the difference having a top design with lots of set up information. I find that the boat is fast even if not fully tuned, it could probably do with a set of replacement sails. I have purchased all the components to build a new ‘A’ & ‘B’ rig so will be able to compare new to old. If anyone can tell me where to buy some enthusiasm to get on with the build I would appreciate it. I'm still a novice Britpop owner as only purchased last year, it has spent a great deal of time gathering dust.

    To sum up the replacement boats were all good but also replacing sails was a route to a faster boat. I suspect I’m guilty of using sails past their use by date.

    I also feel it is important to use a rig box as I only started with a box with the last two boats, I’m certain a lot of sail damage to earlier boats sails happened in transit or getting out or putting them into a rig bag. Even fitting the rig to the boat in a breeze I think is more damaging than the actual sailing.

    Would be interested in others boat history and comments on each design.

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