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  1. Marblehead 5123 for Sale David Creed built Starkers Cubed in a Lightweight Carbon Fibre construction with the latest fittings and rigging arrangements. Six Rigs all with Housemartin Sails including, A1 Lightweight A Rig, A2 Normal A Rig, B Rig, C1 Rig, C2 Rig, C3 Rig. Two Fins, one maximum depth together with a shorter fin The boat can be viewed at Housemartin Sails in Birkenhead Wirral. The Boat and Sails were loaned to Martin Roberts for him to sail in the Marblehead World Championships, which was eventually cancelled due to covid. For further details and delivery arrangements please contact Peter Crisp the owner on 07711 023471 or Martin Roberts on 07306 415056. The price of the boat, all rigs, sails and fins complete £1500.00.
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