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  1. Also, If I used rattle spray car paint, could I apply resin over the top as a protection layer?
  2. Hi Dave, Thinking about it, you are right, carbon is'nt the best option! I think glass fibre is the way, two layers! Ok what about paint? Car (Halfords spray) or two pack?
  3. Forgot to say, when applying first coat of epoxy sealer to balsa hull, prior to carbon fibre,is it advisable to add a thinner to help epoxy penetrate balsa?
  4. Hi Dave Thank you firstly for your in depth account found it very informative. As yet, the hull is just bear balsa, I'm still going for the carbon fibre route, and from what I have gained from your article, I shall firstly cover the balsa hull with a layer of epoxy, to seal the balsa, followed by sanding down, then apply a layer of carbon twill, and as little coats as possible of resin to get to a finish. I think I am right in saying applying a thin layer of glass fibre on bear balsa firstly is a waste of time and added weight. Many thanks again Cheers Mark
  5. Hi, Following on from previous post regarding glassing balsa plank on frame, I was wondering if it's possible to apply carbon fibre twill over the hull instead of fibre glass, or over previously applied fibre glass? I would like to know if this would add to much weight. I have seen Afew people apply carbon fibre over other items and I do like the effect plus strength, has anyone tried this out before? Look forward to you replies and thoughts Cheers Mark
  6. Hi Many thanks for all your information certainly helped, will take all on board! Cheers Mark
  7. Hi I have sent an email to you Cheers Mark
  8. Hi All I would like to build a 10 rater from plan, having trouble in locating any! Does anyone have any 10 rater plans for sale, they can be early plans 70's to 80's or later , hull length up to 77" or so Maybe you know a company that can supply me If you can help if be very grateful Cheers Mark
  9. Hi All My nimbus 3 hull coming along nicely, been a novice I'm fairly happy with it, so thinking ahead now, I notice on plan the reference numbers for rigging are no long available from sailsect, does anyone know of the new rigging reference numbers? Or maybe you have them written down from previous build, maybe someone can suggest a rig and ref numbers so I can think about ordering parts from sailsect or other company If you can help in anyway, I would be extremely grateful Many thanks Mark
  10. Hi, I have just finished balsa planking my nimbus 3 and I am now at the stage of prepping to glass fibre the hull, I've read so many ways of doing it, but does anyone have a full proof method! Could someone help and some simple instructions on how togo about it, Does the balsa need sealing and what with, type of fibre glass cloth to use, and should I go with fibre glass resin or epoxy, and what paint can I use after, ie, can you use can paint from halfords! Any help would be most grateful, I look forward to your suggestions Cheer Mark
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