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  1. Just to inform everyone, my website will be unavailable until further notice. This is due to a dispute with the server company.

    In the meantime, I will still write 3 monthly reports and publish via Facebook and the MYA Forum.  I apologise for any inconvenience but I hope to launch a fresh, new webpage as soon as practical. Any enquiries may still be forwarded through this forum or Facebook. 




  2. (Fleetwood Club sailing abroad)

    It has been a 3 year long wait but this week I finally tested my prototype US1m 'Pringle', against others here at Wickham Park, Florida. The Space Coast club members here have all made me feel welcome.

    Due to the temperature of nearly 90 degrees we could only sail for part of the morning. In the small fleet of 6 boats I managed 2nd place overall, but that was enough evidence to determine that I have a competitive design and a project worth pursuing. Moving forward, I will now compete in the class championships with my 3D printed prototype at Long Beach, California in August. Hopefully in 2023, we will finalise the hull shape and build the carbon version of 'Pringle'.

    I want to thank the guys of the Space Coast Model Sailing club for their warm welcome. Its been great fun and I look forward to my next visit sometime soon.


    Space Coast Club Members and me.jpg

  3. Evening Eric

    I have consistently used the Kingsmax winch in my IOM, US1m and previous RG for the last 5 years. It is a great little winch, but I would not use the winch in anything bigger than an IOM.

    Admittedly, the Kingsmax is not as fast as an RMG, but you as the skipper would learn to manage the speed and timing, when operating the yacht’s sails during a race.

    As for the new spec winch, I can’t see me using that in a competitive Marblehead. However, I’m for being educated.



  4. Thanks Graham for your supportive comment. Further to what Ive said on my initial post about Peroni.  I launched my previous design in 2014, after an encouraging result at the World Championships in the same year. Over time,  I have witnessed the growth of the Starkers and the Grunge which are fantastic yachts for different reasons.

    So last year, I decided to have another go at making something which in the future could challenge these Marblehead designs. My prototypes will race against the established yachts, both in Radio and Vane sailing events, Damian and I will gather the data over the course of this year. Hopefully in 2023, we will finalise the hull shape and construction process to make the finalised carbon version of Peroni. Thanks again.



  5. Peroni (Marblehead) Project

    Previously, I have spoken about the above design projects which over time have become established moulded yachts. Since the summer of 2021, both Damian and myself have worked on a new (Marblehead) project, which we hope will replace our existing design. This weekend saw the launch of our new 3D printed prototype 'Peroni'. 

    Using PLA the hull, deck and internal fixtures were all created in 3 sections, which have been bonded together. However, the foils being used are carbon with the yacht's hull surface painted to a smooth finish. The overall hull weight is 150 grams more in comparison to a carbon hull, but this is a manageable limitation for a test yacht. 'Peroni' will feature in various regattas in the coming months.


    Peroni (RM).png








  6. A couple of years ago I published then my wish list of races I wanted to attend for the year. The idea was to account for the distance I travelled and the amount of money used over the course of the year.  It was just a fun thing to do and to have an appreciation of the effort and costs involved when maintaining a hobby such as Radio Sailing. Unfortunately, the pandemic took hold around the world and my fact finding idea couldn't continue.

    However, as we are now living with Covid there is an opportunity to start a fresh and account over the course of this year, how far I travel and the average amount of money I use, (travel & accommodation expenses) when attending these regattas. Therefore, below is my wish list of races that I would like to attend. The list over time may change slightly but come the end of 2022, we will be able to publish my average annual cost.













  7. 2021 Review.

    Please go to the link below to read my thoughts on this year.

    I would like to thank everyone who has spent time reading these reports, then have provided some positive feedback to us at the lakeside. Damian and myself take great pleasure in creating the yachts we have launched and to compete against the best skippers around the world. This is our challenge that we pursue and to receive the support and encouragement from other suppliers, just makes us both very thankful.

    Web Link: Here

    Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to 2022.


    Sushi (IOM) 2021.jpg


    Matrix (A-Class).jpg


  8. Hi Everyone,

    May a chip into this subject. I think club racing which forms the 'Grass Routes' part of Radio  Sailing can provide a very important inclusion to a skipper's education. I am sure a good percentage of the (UK) MYA's membership does not have that Full Size or Dinghy sailing experience. If managed correctly club sailing can deliver the education required to make skippers more aware of themselves on the water and therefore raising the standard of the sailing we all see.

    I race a variety of classes across the country, one of the biggest aspects for skipper education is understanding distance between two boats or to the buoy on the course. For example, 4 boat lengths to a mark on the course will be at a much greater distance for an A - Class in comparison to an IOM, that's double the distance to the mark. I find this piece of information not always understood but should be an important inclusion to a Race Officer's briefing. 

    Generally, I think the standard of sailing differs across the fleet. The top skippers who represent A and B Fleets in most Championships all sail very well. An example I've witnessed many times, is some skippers will communicate with each other whilst sailing, or will just dip the transom of another boat and continue. There is the few who once they have purchased a high performing yacht will race with a 'Gun Hoe' attitude, It is a term I've become familiar with these past years. Again, I think this is where club sailing can help in the education of skippers. Maybe in the future the MYA Race Calendar could be slim down to allow more opportunity for club sailing?



  9. Mike,

    My experiences as described above both involved Umpires and not Observers. In both cases, I was not happy with the Umpire's call and in my first case, I decided to protest. I lost my appeal which included being personally reprimanded.

  10. Gents

    It is probably best to keep your rigs within a sail box. The box provides the best protection. However, if this is not possible, I hang my rigs vertically within a dry room. Always ease the tension on the sails to prevent stretching and lightly oil any ball race fittings. After all there is some value in the rigs we use.





  11. Gents

    I give thanks to you both for your comments and I will study the links above. Periodically, during regattas I do experience peer pressure from skippers and using my own experience, I thought it was a good subject to highlight.

    My understanding is that if an Umpire calls during a race, then there is no argument. In my first experience, I was generally not happy with the decision. The protest hearing turned into a ‘Dressing Down’, of why I was questioning the integrity of the Umpire. Although I put my case forward, I was still banished from the protest hearing and I remember feeling very disgruntled. 


  12. What are the options in this scenario.

    Skipper ‘A’ claims there has been a contact between 2 boats. Therefore, Skipper ‘A’ protests. Skipper ‘B’ does not agree and continues sailing. There is no immediate call by the umpire. 

    Skipper ‘A’ continues to be vocal and requests for anyone within the fleet, if they saw the incident. No one comes forward. Skipper ‘A’ continues to be vocal during the race. In the end, the Umpire calls the incident and Skipper B is required to complete a penalty.

    Skipper ‘B’ still doesn’t believe there was a collision. He believes the Umpire hasn’t seen the incident either, but has reacted because of peer pressure. I was Skipper B, in my first experience, I refused the penalty and went to protest, to be disqualified. In my second experience, I did a penalty and was relegated from A-Fleet but felt disgruntled.

    Your thoughts??


  13. Vane Marblehead Championships, Day 2 / Results

    A southerly breeze with heavy showers greeted the fleet today. Not a day for spinnakers. Right from the start both Lewis and Shaun Wyeth we’re taking points from the other challengers, whilst both Zac and Martin Roberts we’re serving their 'Bye' heats.

    The first round of racing was completed by lunchtime. The Race Officer then split the fleet, with the Vintage yachts sailing each other and the more modern Marblehead's in their own fleet. In the afternoon session the final round was completed before the bad weather set in over Fleetwood.

    Congratulations to Shaun Wyeth, winner of the 2021 Vane (M) Championship, sailing his Starkers design. 2nd place Lewis Wyeth and 3rd Martin Roberts. In the Vintage event Alan and David Bell came out on top, sailing their Witchcraft design. As for the TOTS Team, the winners were Martin Roberts and Lewis Wyeth with a combined score of 76 points. Overall this was a great family regatta.

    Thanks goes to my Race Team and the Fleetwood Club.





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  14. Vane Marblehead Championship Report, Day 1

    A 9 boat fleet entered this traditional event which has a long history with Fleetwood. A good mix of yachts from the vintage era to some of the more modern designs such as David Creeds Starkers. 

    The strong westerly breeze kept the boats mostly using C-rig and thankfully all didn’t have to many equipment issues during the day. To the racing then, the early pace setters have come from the Roberts and Wyeth families. Both Zac and Lewis have taken points from their fathers, the younger generation making their own marks in this regatta. However, Dave Geldard started well in the morning session before loosing momentum after lunch. In the Vintage group Alan and David Bell have taken the most points during the day and provided some close competition against the more modern marbleheads.

    At the halfway stage Shaun Wyeth leads with 27 points from a possible 30. Lewis Wyeth is in 2nd place with Zac and Martin Roberts close behind, but the Roberts family have sailed for 35 points and yet to have a ‘Bye’ heat. It’s all to play for tomorrow.







  15.  Day 3 Report /Results. 

    Congratulations to Craig Richards (05) for winning the UK Championship, 2nd place was John Tushingham (51) and 3rd place Peter Baldwin (172).

    In total 15 rounds were completed in a wide range of wind conditions. There were 8 protest hearings during the regatta. Special thank you to Derek Priestley, Rob Walsh and the Fleetwood racing team, including  the ladies in the canteen who fed us all during the 3 days. The windward gate worked very well and we may see this format more often?

    As for me (214), I’ve found results hard to come by lately, especially after the disappointment of the (IOM) Championship a few weeks ago. However, this results (6th) renews my confidence in my abilities and to find your ‘Mojo’ again is a great feeling. Also I’m grateful to Bob Jolly for the use of his boat.





  16. Day 2 Report

    Today was the complete opposite from yesterday. A delayed start through the lack of wind on the course. Once the racing started and what little wind there was just changed direction continually. Providing a challenge for the race team to set a fair course.

    The first round started at lunchtime. The event leader John Tushingham (51), found himself in B-fleet and was frustrated when he missed out on promotion. Dave Potter (20) had equipment issues after the first round and he was relegated to C-fleet. 

    As the afternoon session continued and with some of the skippers growing in frustration, all because on more than one occasion the wind would shift to other side of the course. Therefore, on the last leg and sailing to the finishing line, you would easily go from a safe position in the fleet to being relegated. 

    That said, Peter Baldwin (172) and Jonas Samson (60) both produced good performances today, winning individual A-fleet races and closing the gap on the leader. However, on a funnier note, spare a thought for Tim Long (Snackers), he succumb to Mike Western’s Cream Pie attack at the lakeside. War may start later?





  17. Day 1 Report.

    Fleetwood welcomed 64 entries to the Dragon 95 Championship. The wind conditions were perfect gusting westerly upto 15mph. These yachts are part of a restricted class, equally built and rely on the skippers ability to manage the course.

    The Race Officer, Derek Priestley introduced a windward gate, perhaps not seen before in Radiosailing. This inclusion within the course was to limit any collisions when rounding the windward marks.

    After 6 races, John Tushingham (51) is leading from 2nd place Craig Richards (05) and 3rd place Jonas Samson (60) from Sweden. As for me, (214) I have made a strong start and I hope my good fortune continues. Also spare a thought for Ken Binks (83), his rudder servo and deck cover hatch melted during an A-Fleet race. 

    Tomorrow we hope for more Champaign sailing and the local council not to administer parking tickets, within the club carpark.....Lol





  18. UK (IOM) Championship, Day 3 Report and Results. 

    Congratulations to Brad Gibson (Pop) who sailed to another (IOM) National Championship. A clear winner from 2nd place Graham Elliott (Britpop) and 3rd place Chris Harris (Britpop). 13 rounds of racing were completed, with 59 general recalls at the start line, 6 protest hearings and 1 man in the lake. 

    Away from the racing, there were some interesting stories coming out of the fleet of skippers, who like to socialise too much. People sleeping in the streets or in hotel corridors, because for what ever reason they cannot find their appropriate accommodation. I’m sure those amusing stories will filter across the radio sailing world in the near future. However, the one thing you can say is that everyone enjoyed themselves and the regatta was a great success. Our thanks goes to Fleetwood Club, Derek Priestley, Peter Baldwin and their racing team for running such a good event.

    As for me (Sushi), I found the competition tough going, (competitively aswell as socially) but I’ve learnt more about my design. Sushi is a work in progress and I will make some changes before the next regatta in 4 weeks time. My highest achievement this weekend was promotion into B-Fleet briefly. Sushi handles differently than my previous design (Rubix), but this shows me I have to be adaptable. I will continue with this project because one regatta is not enough time to make a judgement.





  19. UK (IOM) Championship, Day2 Report

    The wind slowly built from the east this time with the RO setting a course using the full length of the lake. There was a lot of competitive racing, but on many occasions a general recall would be shouted from the start line, as skippers manoeuvred to try and get the advantage. After 8 rounds of racing Brad Gibson remains top and extends his lead from yesterday. Craig Richards continues his challenge with Chris Harris.

    Further down the fleet, Shaun Priestley (Britpop) and John Sharman (Vision) have sailed consistently today, as they maintain their positions in the top half of the standings. Jen Hand (Britpop) the only female entrant, has a determined approach to her races, on occasions she will vent her delight as a result from her successes

    As for me, (Sushi) I’ve spent a lot of time in D-Fleet today, but I was encourage once the wind strength increased during the afternoon session. Two consecutive promotions which guided me to B-Fleet for the first time in this regatta. Unfortunately, disaster struck me again during the start line of the B-Fleet race, where I had to retire due to my jib pull down brealage. So the momentum ended and I was back in C-Fleet.





  20. UK (IOM) Championship, Day 1 Report

    A variable light westerly wind built over the course of the day. Some of the more established skippers, Graham Bantock, John Tushingham and Darin Ballington all had bad starts to their regatta. However, fresh from winning the Marblehead Championships 2 weeks ago, Chris Harris (Britpop) carried on his good form. So too did Graham Elliott (Britpop) and Brad Gibson (Pop), both took first places in A-fleet during the day.  
    After the first 4 rounds of racing, Brad Gibson is top of the fleet, but there is still along way to go.

    Elsewhere Craig Richards (Vanilla) has sailed consistently well and he won an A-Fleet race. Mark Rose (Britpop), a local skipper climbed through the fleets to compete with the best skippers. Unfortunately, in the same race an accident for Mick Chamberlain, who whilst racing fell into the lake. Thankfully only his pride was hurt.

    As for me, (Sushi) I’ve found today hard going. I spent most of the day in C-Fleet, but knocking on the door to promotion. Then disaster struck in my last race of the day, as I sailed myself into a relegation position. Therefore, I start tomorrow in D-Fleet. I will reflect on today’s performance with a beer.



  21. Fleetwood is the host club for the 30th (IOM) Championships. A 76 boat entry which includes 4 previous class World Champions, many National Champions and an array of talent, that boasts some of the best skippers across the country. This is certainly a high class event and over the next 3 days we will certainly experience some champaign racing. 

    The skippers who are favourite to win are many, but in my opinion: Robert Walsh, Brad Gibson, Martin Roberts, John Tushingham and Graham Bantock will all be staking their bids. The next wave: Tony Edwards, Graham Elliot, Chris Harris, Gavin Watson and Darin Ballington will all be in the mix.

    However, there are some other skippers you may not be familiar with, but equally talented: Craig Richards (112), Ian Dundas (38) and Brian Summers (07).

    All very capable and eager to start this regatta well. 


    Let the show commence!!!!






  22. New Sushi (IOM) Introduction.

    This week saw the launch of my new (IOM) 'Sushi', its the first design I have produced within the class for 6 years. At the time In 2015, I felt many people were producing different designs and the next latest and greatest yacht would appear within 3 months from the last IOM.

    Therefore, I decided to leave the IOM Class, to expand my experience and personal development as an amateur yacht designer. I wanted to experiment with designs across many other classes such as the US1m, 36R, 10R, and revisit the A - Class.

    Having now achieved those goals I return this year with 'Sushi'. The project has taken 12 months to create, starting as a CAD drawing on a computer screen, through the construction process with the hull being hand crafted in Obeche wood, to the final fitting of the rig and radio equipment. The key features of Sushi is the chine that runs the full length of the hull, but with little tumblehome in comparison to my previous IOM designs. There is more freeboard to minimises the waterflow across the deck when Sushi is heeled and a flared bow that rises significantly, from the foredeck which will assist the downwind performance when hard pressed. The next few months will be key as I will campaign Sushi in numerous regattas, starting with the UK Championship, in Fleetwood at the end of August.

    The long term plan for Sushi is if the yacht performs well over the coming months, then I hope to make this design available in 2022 as a home build (IOM) kit for others to enjoy. I wish to thank those who have supported me through this project. Damian Ackroyd for supplying the hull sections and moulded parts. Including Ian Davidson, who patiently constructed this Sushi-Prototype and made a fantastic job.

    Facebook Sushi (IOM) Album Link: Here



    Sushi (IOM) 2021 (1).JPG

    Sushi (IOM) 2021 (2).png

    Sushi (IOM) 2021 (4).JPG

    Sushi (IOM) 2021 (18).JPG

    Sushi (IOM) 2021 (19).JPG

    Sushi (IOM) 2021 (23).JPG

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  23. Marblehead Championship Day 2 Report and Results.

    Wind conditions were still variable both in speed and direction. The top skippers continued to battle it out on the water, but Graham Bantock, Darin Ballington and Tony Edwards have all spent time in B-Fleet which probably finished their challenge in the early part of the afternoon. Plus it didn’t help that a protest stopped racing for nearly an hour during the morning session. This was between Chris Harris and Phil Haliday for an incident at the start line. The result was the protest was eventually thrown out with no impact on either skipper. 

    Congratulations goes to Chris Harris after a close encounter, he takes the top spot for the first time in this class. His performance and careful sailing gradually pulled him through the fleet. 2nd place Peter Stollery , 3rd place Andrea Roberts. Some excellent performances also during the weekend,  Craig Richards and CJ Vice both sailed consistently.

    As for me, my results slowly improved when the wind speed increased, I managed to sail in A-Fleet a couple of times but was relegated straight away. Frustratingly, on one occasion during the last leg of the course I sailed myself into a bottom 4 position. (Unforgivable). 

    Thanks goes to Hugh McAdoo, his Racing Team and to Manor Park Sailing Club. An enjoyable regatta despite me sleeping in my car. 😂



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