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  1. You need a great committee all pulling their weight, short meetings and growing any club as the priority, none of us are getting any younger.
  2. What makes an event worth attending… new sailing environment, new people to meet, break out of the mindset that these 4 people at the club always come first, some might say bigger fleets but not true at Hunts, 18 on line this winter most weeks
  3. If only I had a few more boats, and sailed competitively at that level… Only one more IOM event in our region till Sept.. Will have to look around
  4. It was flooding at our club, and the water table is still high. And so postponed but now back on, welcome to HRYC!! other factors ..£££ travel costs time and other factors we are all getting older less inclined to drive maybe? ……….. But I have been to 3 non club events this year already, from Norwich to CHF to Manor and all great events!! it is frustrating that there seems to be nothing on from now to late sept to travel to, From a helm with wandering tendencies ( many in the club would agree)
  5. Can you not wrap the hull in vinyl?
  6. Really sorry to hear this, I bought my first boat and has been brilliant, and worked well. The second was claimed to be professionally repaired, and it sank, so found divers to recover it and now well repaired has sailed well. like cars, sometimes secondhand is brilliant and sometimes a money pit…. But I am not sure I could have sorted out the sinker on a test sail, as it was blowing when it sank with more leverage on the keel. you learn, unfortunately and I am still learning Stephen
  7. Good thinking, and could be way forward to use at regional events ?
  8. Would say that the tablet and A fleet has utterly transformed our club experience both as people producing results and sailors. All members know how to record scores and enter from the finish line. It makes the after racing results process much easier and upload to the website and Facebook a straight forward process, rather than members sitting at home pressing refresh on their browser hoping the results at 3.30 have been done. you can get in your car, overjoyed or disappointed as you drive home. Worth every penny and clearly club tested and works well
  9. https://www.nigelbarrow.co.uk/craigs-setup-guide see masthead picture, and a second hole
  10. Would be good for clubs to put a team into
  11. I wanted to keep this discussion to sails only, but these points above are well expressed. Few people make their own sails, most buy from a reputable sail maker, who badges them with their sail mark. secondly we have a system in the UK, but is this replicated in other parts of Europe the USA Australia and the rest of the world… I don’t know.
  12. The DF one is interesting… one is about hulls, and this thread was specifically about sails .. and people altering hulls, different issue. this is about sails, and from what has been said, maybe all sails need to be post production measured. or maybe just close this thread, delete and we will be doing this in 5 years time, when I will be looking for something new, but I also hope to have spent some money with sail makers as good sails don’t stay good for ever!
  13. From one sail maker, as his sails were commented on in a what’s ap group within the club, suggesting that in the States, they had found his sails to be at the extreme limit but legal. He writes Stephen, I truly don't give it much though. (Thought?) In my opinion all sails including stock should be measured, there would be many surprises. We are talking about millimeter differences with that in mind it depends on who does the job an most important how it is done. I know the rule book inside out and Im very comfortable with measuring and technical drawings, done it professional all my life. From my side I do my best always to assure that sails leaving my table comply with rules. However I'm only human and if a mistake is found and backed with solid evidence I will be here to make it right. Like I said above it all depends on the person taking the measurements and his interpretation of the rules. If you have any other questions let me know. I'm always open to constructive criticism. Please add me to that debate, sail makers perspective should be also heard. Best regards, ………………. ps I have two sets of his sails and delighted with them at present
  14. Getting some where view from the bank today, and maybe some consensus from here is, with respect to our current measuring group… why do we need them except for home made sails, and a process to spot check the output from sail manufacturers. however turning this vessel around and changing things will not be done over night, but I am prepared to start the process of moving to a new system. it needs the participation of the sail manufacturers, sail classes that are measured, inc IOM, and the membership…. Before. We even leave this island! happy to work with a small group of like minded people to see if we can draw up a working proposal and a paper to move us forward. drop me an email to stephenbrown.47@btinternet.com and let’s see what we might move forward Stephen
  15. Does the MYA have any idea how many sails are measured year by year? In the context of we have a growing club, who sail on Wednesdays and race on Saturdays all year round, and Mondays summer evenings, over 60 racing events. The buzz on the bank using second hand kit, now being transformed by new boats arriving either from ‘the garden shed’, or by plane, and new sails being bought to upgrade boats. We need to convert all these keen IOM club sailors into coming to regional events, but if they tumble at the first hurdle of are you new sails measured, they stay at club level, don’t improve or compete at regional events. We had more boats on the Saturday start line in January than some regional events. new members, some working and some retired, and they just want like me to race race sail race!
  16. All useful it would be good before we submit a proposal that might be shot down, without a level of data and cooperation with sail manufacturers knowing how many sails are measured each year, knowing that in removing this barrier, more sails might be sold? entry into events beyond club level might increase(I would rather spend £ going to events than travelling to get sails measured) more than happy to see if others want to join a practical working team to talk to consumers, measurers and manufacturers
  17. I have just entered two regional opens and club member says to me.. when are you getting your new sails (Christmas present from partner) measured. Sails from abroad. “other clubs may not be as generous as ours and on the day refuse entry.” My partner can’t believe it,……….. “brand new, what, what more do they want, half day off work, how far, how much” and I agree completely. we need a better system, to still allow the person at home to produce sails. But for those of us who have limited time, as we still work full time and just want to race, to find a better solution to sail purchasing.
  18. let’s not develop two issues here. the one I was addressing is why are we measuring a brand new product from a reputable manufacturer who wants their products to perform the best within the regulations. Can we and/or the sail makers create a suitable at source verification process to save time and energy and money, for something very important but costs less than the average weekly shop. It also might increase sail sales, as people might replace more often rather than, “ they seem ok will make them do another year with all the bother of measuring”
  19. Agree, all clubs might chose to have one, but that puts real pressure on a person to fail sails for someone who stands next to the owner on the bank, not good
  20. Dear Brad, and all expert sail manufacturers please accept my apologies if you have taken offence, none was meant. it was about the old style system, that was designed for a previous age of home made manufacturing. we still need the skills as some people have time and inclination to make sails, but for those of us mad on sailing, but also trying to keep balancing work and home lives, we need a better system, fit for the next 30 years. Let’s consider carefully and move forward
  21. I imagine, that 30 plus years go, home made was the flavour of model boats for all aspects, but the world has moved on. We now live in an age where most sailors want some thing new .. flex the credit card. Only one member out of 40 in our club has attempted sail making with 39/40 purchasing sails from manufacturers. for IOMs these come from, sailsec, sailboatRC, Cat sails, Nylet, BG sails, Soch Sails, PJ sails, Sparrow sails, and others. ( the list is not endless, and sorry to none left off) we place our order in good faith, that the sails that one of these excellent manufacturers make will be the correct size meeting measurement . It would also be financial suicidal for a supplier to make a set of sails that did not measure. We want sails correct, they want to supply correct. Imagine if your new sails, failed measuring process, the chat on the bank and in social media and forums would ruin the reputation of the company. therefore why in 2024 are we making a product for under £100 jump through sale then measuring? It is utter madness and a waste of time, except in the highest level of competition and homemade options. put the quality control and spot check into the factory space with random checks, and a QC process using up to date digital means and let’s move forward. Or are we still going to insist on the average club sailor who wants to compete beyond their club in regional events has to get in the car, journey for over an hour each way, wasting precious time, and fuel to get an object with value of under £100 measured, when last week, it was brand new out of the factory. No wonder the sport attracts the non employed, who can afford this time to race off to get their sails done compared to the working members, having to book a half days leave. what is holding the sport back, measuring items supplied by reputable manufacturers, within weeks of production and supply. let’s re examine this utterly mad process for club and regional competition and bring in a better quality check process fit for the modern world using technology properly at making stage. personal note (after this discussion , hope my new sails measure, in two weeks time, bought in good faith but 1/2 days leave booked from work, plus 120 miles of fuel and 21/2 hours in the car, hope the measurement is fast or will be more than a half days leave, all for items less than a weekly shop.. my partner can’t believe it
  22. Add stickers…. and buy two sets for yellow deck and red hull, or red, yellow hull to confuse people I did mine to a great finish, and have lasted really well, even after lots of ding from marks, or less occasionally people sailing into me.. https://sochsails.co.uk/hull-deck-sticker-sets/
  23. Australians get plenty of sun…. And therefore good advice, https://planb.peterburford.com.au/new-page
  24. 1 timer looks good for free app, two min or one min otions good to have on phone for small practices with mates before club racing starts… thank you, and with a blue tooth speaker would be good
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