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  1. Useful advice Graham. I have too many other hobbies and lack the skill to race iom at top level. But getting an older cheaper boat and having the target of beating some mid fleet Britpops does appeal
  2. Clearly the latest boats have some advantages but the top sailors use the latest boats. Newcomers often sail with an older boat whilst learning. How much would a top sailors position be affected if they were to race an "older" design?
  3. I assume from the lack of response , I assume consideration of this matter is ongoing. I would like to thank both MYA officers and those just working within RC for all the ( often thankless ) work you are doing for our hobby. I am sure it will all be resolved by the time I decide to buy another IOM!
  4. I am very happy sailing Df65 and 95 so this " saga" does not affect me immediately. But I would like to have the possibility of returning to the classes requiring measurement in the future. Am I safe to assume that the Mya has abandoned the plans for measurers to be required to have Rya training and verification?
  5. The movement towards " approval" rather than capability and skill continues. In dinghy sailing, the move is that all Instructors and Coaches are RYA trained and approved. On a race training course for example, the keen club sailor who had time to go on the RYA approval is in charge whilst the Class superstar and expert can only train in a support role because they were too busy making sails or boats to drive to be " trained". Brads comments seem very sensible to me
  6. Its worth searching " Phyllis Nicklin Bournville" on the Internet. The wonderful " Brumpic.com" website, specialists in Birmingham historic photos have some early photos of model yacht racing
  7. In "defence" of the RYA a requirement for training and qualification in many areas seems to be normal from many National sport and hobby organisations. Is it to protect against our litigation mad society? Although the chance of the " pupil" having much more experience and knowledge than the instructor is more than strange
  8. Just about all full sized boat sailmakers certify their own sails. I imagine there is a cost in this licence but wouldn't this be better than requiring experienced and committed class members to attend RYA sail measuring courses?
  9. I am sure John is correct- it just seems strange that a boat can sail into potential danger and advantage - and not be liable to any penalty ( other than the time spent pushing her afloat)
  10. John makes a good point. How about a " I am new to racing" insignia that could be applied to the main by those learning ? It would identify those that may struggle in tight conditions. Tacking off even when on starboard is faster than a collision when the new sailer on port tack struggles to get out of the way After 50 years dinghy racing, I own up to my mistake in thinking that 95% of the people close are sailors with race experience- or at least after the first leg
  11. On the same basis the drivers who enjoy successfully racing production cars would give up if Lewis Hamilton brought his F1 car down for a test run. Good radio yacht racing is about boats of similar speed allowing the best sailors to use their skills to win. And that is what the Df95 and 65 do. Without having to plan to aquire next years super design or agonising about having the wrong boat
  12. I think the most useful suggestion to come from this thread is to maybe start with free sailing and not racing. With a few sessions concentrating on procedures ,use of facilities etc without the pressure of racing, I think we would have more chance of staying safe. And then reintroducing racing once we had got used to the new regimes and procedures. And when we are back there will be a lot to chat about.
  13. With a large % of racers being in two of the higher risk groups- male and older- we are going to have to be extra careful. I think that with signing on , rescuing any out of control boats and the simple loss of concentration on social distancing whilst racing it's going to be very difficult to keep safe. I think that racing is going to be very restricted and limited until a vaccine is widely available. This could be next year.
  14. The difference in size between RC and other dinghies and yachts requires the few specific differences in the rules. But largely it's the same game and the rules work well in most situations. It's hard enough to persuade people to run racing now. Add in recording points per incident instead of a simple check if a turn has been completed properly and it gets a lot harder. The current rules work well. And when they dont, thats poor following of those same rules not an issue with them.
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