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  1. Perhaps a cheapish one that has a couple of channels that can be controlled proportionally by knobs would be more useful. Would suggest something like the Turnigy TGY-i6. Actually on this, you can assign two of the channels to either a switch or a knob . It also has a channel operated by a 3 position switch as well. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-tgy-i6-mode-2-afhds-transmitter-and-6ch-receiver.html?queryID=16badbcee626b55a7971fb683dc5435c&objectID=45922&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products
  2. As for a ballast casting, P J Sails advertise one for a 6 metre " 6m approx. 9.4 kg no slot @ £80.00"
  3. It is a Dambuster design by Roger Stollery.
  4. Dug the A out this morning to give the rigging a tweek . Took a couple of photos , with an Rg65 next to it for scale. Surprising just how big the A is.
  5. From the original post, it sounds like his winch has xt60 plug fitted which is a bit of overkill for the power concerned. You can buy xt60 to xt30 converter plugs on Ebay quite easily though.
  6. Can't see any 6.6v LiFe's on their site.
  7. Hobby king do some, when they have stock. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-compact-1800mah-2s1p-30c-lifepo4-pack.html?queryID=81930c21e4be5dd5816b414adaf4b466&objectID=82544&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-compact-2100mah-2s1p-30c-lifepo4-pack.html?queryID=8b51fbc3434c162e175f2e9587fab9f6&objectID=82547&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products
  8. The description of the mast tube arrangements that you describe plus the position of the mast quite far forward of the keel position, still leads me to think that the rig was a swing. I was struck when I saw the photos in the original auction, that I had never seen a swing rig on a A before.
  9. Looking at the pictures on Ebay, (I also put a bid on it!) I think that the sails were on a swing rig which would only require one sheet to control it. It wouldn't have needed a closed loop system.
  10. Just as an aside to this, while I updated most of the electronics on the A during the Autumn (removing the Flight Link Duette 27mhz set up which still worked!) I left the original winch in place. This consisted of a large Monoperm motor driving a brass gear train with limit switches on a traveller arrangement. Something else probably knocked up in Brittania's Luton work shops. While a bit "old school" it is virtually impossible to move the winch drum by force except by energising the motor. This was originally via a pair of micro switches mounted on a servo but has been replaced with a solid state switch from a chap in the Channel Islands. The set up isn't lightning fast nor is it proportional, but it is basically simple and virtually foolproof. For the sort of sailing I am likely to do, the winch will probably be fine ( it was back in the 70's so should work just as well now). I did have a look around for something newer to replace it but with the seeming lack of RMG 300 series winches around , I was hard put to find anything that would reliably cope with the not inconsiderable forces involved in shifting the sails as there is a fair old area involved. Just wondering what others use in A's, given that the current breed are probably carrying less sail area. Any suggestions/observations welcomed.
  11. Interesting to note that the A class now has 2 Class Captains , championing the class. Quite appropriate really , as given the weight of some of the older designs that they want to get back on the water, you need 2 people to lift them! Well that's the impression I get when moving around my Dambuster A Class that I acquired back in the early 1970's and used to sail at Emberton Park when it was barely a reclaimed gravel pit. If I remember correctly, the bulb on the end of the keel is somewhere close to 60lbs. I spent some time this Summer, tidying up the A which hasn't sailed for a good few years and it is nearly ready for a rebirth , along with my 6 metre "Tern". The A class was one of 3 identical boats built by a sailor local to Emberton ( David Houssen) for himself and two friends and only "fun sailed" i.e. they were never officially measured . Given all the fuss when Mr Stollery introduced his ovoid designs such as Dambuster and Clockwork Orange that didn't really have a deck edge to measure to etc, this might provide Bill Green with some interest if dropped into his measuring tank!!. I bought mine off of the Senior Engineer of Brittania Airways, who was based at Luton. For medical reasons he had to downsize to a Marblehead and I was sailing my little Starlet on the periphery of the group and he gave me first refusal on the boat at the grand price of £40 if I recall correctly. That price included the boat, 3 sets of Nylet sails and a 4'x3' road trailer used to bring it to the lake! As I had a Mini Clubman at the time, the trailer was sort of vital. The trailer had been built by "the lads in the workshop" from a welded angle iron frame, Indespension units and tongue and grooved wood painted externally and varnished internally. It was probably better built than the A class actually! Unfortunately, the trailer is long gone !! I do intend to get her sailing again, as IMHO , no class of model yacht looks so majestic when set up and sailing properly, although I may have to join a gym and get into training so that I can lift her into the water
  12. tiggy_cat

    FR Cerberus

    Hi Steve, I also saw that another member of the forum said that they had bought the Cerebus plans, , https://mya-uk.org.uk/forums/topic/942-6-metre-rig-rule/
  13. tiggy_cat

    FR Cerberus

    I think that Geoff Raygada said he was buying a set of plans for this.
  14. Believe that there is a copy of Model Boats magazine for sail on Ebay currently, that has a review from 1978 when the yacht was available as a kit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MODEL-BOATS-Magazine-July-1978-Trapper-Yacht/113943608256?hash=item1a87917bc0:g:dc8AAOSw6VRbDIe5
  15. Local Citizens Advice Bureau if you have one
  16. While the wooden one looks superb, I would probably go for the carbon one , simply because I think it would last better .
  17. Hi Steve, The Revival is a long way off sailing at present. It has been on the back burner of late. The Tern is just about there though. My plan was to sneak over to Hollowell and have a quiet trial sail before its "public" unveiling but a rather silly accident at home this week end means that may have to be slightly postponed. Have to admit to being tempted by one of the 2 Rococo 's being advertised on the 6 metre site at present though. Would like to enter the Two Islands series this year although my large grey friend here will still be around for the first leg (no pun intended) of that
  18. Just trying to convince myself that I don't NEED another 6 metre. The wife is already convinced!
  19. Just out of interest, there are currently 2 sets of vane gear for sale on Ebay, both of which are said to be suitable for A or 10 Rater class boats. One, which is truly a beautiful looking piece of work is said to be a 1960's Kenneth Corby vane gear. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Model-Yacht-Vane-Steering-Gear-and-pintle/264518689662?hash=item3d968ae37e:g:~3EAAOSwa-hdvIyE
  20. I have happily used Kingmax sail winch servos for some time. When you buy from some outlets they say that the servos are programmable but you can only seem to buy them preset in terms of number of turns, almost all of them have the same rotation rate etc. For the sw22hv, it would seem to be able to be set to what you want except that you have to have the means to do it . I believe that you need this little gizmo to do it https://www.amazon.com/KINGMAX-22kg-cm-programmable-Bearings-Waterproof/dp/B07SMSWVF8. Does anyone know any different ?
  21. I am restoring an older wooden built Revival at present. A friend of mine has access to a spreadsheet of registered 6 metre boats and came up with the details of a registered Revival. They were displacement = 12.2 kg. A for mainsail = 1720 mm B for mainsail = 539 mm J measurement = 541mm Mast measurement mark from front = 591mm. My own boat looks like it will turn out just over 12 kg (keel and bulb being detachable and weigh just about 10kg) A = 1720 B = 520 J for these sails = 560 Mast measurement from front currently looks like it is going to be around 570mm. The rearmost position for the mast is limited by the way the boat has been constructed, there being a keelbox which limits how far aft the mast foot can go, the mast itself fitting into a wooden box presumably held in place with wedges Only problem with this is, with the existing sails , the front forestay mark is literally falling off the front of the bow. I may look at a different sail plan with a reduced J measurement. Hope this is helpful.
  22. If the hull is 50 inches long, the yacht is almost certainly a Marblehead of some design, although I don't know which. Don't think it is a Moonraker, which was kitted by Nylet. Frank Parsons at Nylet could probably confirm that either way. Think there was a "Kingfisher" design around , as well. Despite the card and the winch, it may not actually be a Tony Abel boat. I bought a Vic Smeed designed "Harem" Marblehead some time ago which was advertised as Tony Abel boat, simply because it had several of his stickers attached!.
  23. Don't forget Keith Bell with his two seat Smartcar. He used to get his 6 metre into that !
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