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  1. From Tuesday 31st May 2022 we will meet every Tuesday at 18.00, whatever the weather, alongside the green cabin, up the hill, for a race start at 18.30 at Manor Park Radio Sailing Club. Visitors, from outside the club, are always welcome, at a small charge of £3, which includes our free teas or coffees. Garry Box, who is our prospective Df95 Captain, and regularly races in the TT series, reckons 8 races will be possible by 20.30. We do wear lifejackets on the jetties. A number are available to borrow. The clubhouse will be opened and has full facilities. The evenings will be friendly, for all levels, with help in setting up, if needed. We set a proper race course. Please let us know, if you are coming, in advance, so that we can prepare and make sure that you do not miss the yellow gates, half a mile after the postcode. Arriving early will allow more time to set up new radios and boats. We will adapt as we find out what suits everyone best. We are hoping for 6 to 12 yachts initially, which works well. Please contact Colin Walton Manor Park Radio Sailing Club Secretary 07773 887711 colingwalton@gmail.com Manor Park Sailing Club Rugeley Road Kings Bromley DE13 7JG or Garry Box garrybox33@gmail.com 07595 870134
  2. John Icarex PC20 is not as far as I am aware used for Spinnakers. Its main use is for high end stunt/trick kites,parakites and parasails. It does not stretch anywhere as much as Nylon ripstop. Having said that I would not want to use for anything but top suite and it doos need to be handled with some care. I think the bigger issue here is that I believe the rules say both sails need to made out of the same material ?
  3. That is for third party liability. ie to cover you for claims made by someone's against you not to insure your boat against loss. So basically same as MYA insurance.
  4. To big for one of those and cable is most likely to make sure it does not end up overboard
  5. GaRRy

    DF95 sails

    DF95 is never going to compete with an IOM in any wind conditions (well maybe a storm as it can keep going on d rig when IOM C rig is still to big). It was never meant to just like an IOM can't compete with a Marblehead. We have raced a fleet of DF95's in the lightest of breezes with out any issue. and I can't see the benefit of another rig for how little use it would get (probably less than the D which I have used 3-4 times in over 2 years).
  6. Shall be interesting to see how easy it is to implement in practise
  7. Not really as the score would go down dependant on number of races so with a fleet of say 60 with average of 40th would give a score of 40,30,20,15,12,10 etc as the number of race increased\ Johns method would give 40/60*20 = 13.3 Current method of average of all other races would give 40 (which is worse than a DNF of 21 for seeding race) Another example with a fleet of 60 and average of 20th would give a score of 20,10,6.7,5,4 etc as number of race increase Johns method gives 20/60*20 = 6.7 Current method for average of all other races would give 20 (ie last place) Need a bit more analysis but Johns method seems basically sound and looks about right.
  8. You do have to wonder if sailing has got itself into a minute detail of over complicated rules. The current FISLY ISRR rules (or in English the land yachting equivalent to water based sailing rules ) which were historically based on the water based rules consist of 28 pages (excluding class specific appendices) https://www.fisly.org/include/index.php?id=211
  9. Damian. Any pictures of the build process and printed components. It does look more and more likely that 3D printed boats and components will be a standard build method at some time in the not to distant future. I know a lot of the current ones are printed in small sections and fitted together but with printers already around that can print full size boats its only a matter of time. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/watch-the-worlds-biggest-3d-printer-make-a-25-foot-boat Garry
  10. Well if some one would care to send be some free boats and rigs I am more than happy to see how many i can get in my Grand Picasso
  11. Most important thing before you buy a boat is what do the locals sail. No point in buying most A if every one else has boat B, the best part of radio sailing is racing others and to do that you need the same type of boat. So first thing to do is talk to the locals and see what they sail.
  12. As I understand it you should only call a contact you are 100% certain happened (ie you see happen). Other indicators like spinning buoys or loud bangs while they may confirm what you saw are on there own not enough to call a contact.
  13. Try here http://www.sailsetc2.com/store/index.php/products-by-category/boat-parts-materials/hull-parts.html Graham Bantock who runs Sailsetc designed the Fractal so I am sure they will have the lid you need.
  14. Terry take a look at case B2 in IRSA case book https://www.radiosailing.org/documents/file/257-irsa-radio-sailing-call-book?tmpl=component
  15. GaRRy

    Alternative build

    Richard i will look into this in the morning you should be able to post more than one picture (think limit is around 3 per post) Garry
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