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  1. Hi Trevor, there are plenty of online converters. https://www.unitconverters.net/speed/kph-to-mph.htm https://www.unitconverters.net/speed/knot-to-mph.htm
  2. And to help further they are also avaiable on the main website through the contact us form https://www.mya-uk.org.uk/contact-us/
  3. Hi Brad, Unfortunatley those website have not been updated to reflect the changes that have taken place so give the wrong impression. Not much we can do as it has been asked of them to amend thier websites as far as I know. Just pointing out that dispite what those websites are showing they are incorrect. Its always possible that some council positions may be pursued but I still say the membership has its oportunity to vote every year and change it if thats what they believe or they are not happy. Myself I am dissapointed to see just a few entries for the 10R Nats at this point in time. At the end of the day its up to those of us with Tens to support the class by entering. I can think of worse things to be doing than racing a Ten at a great venue like Keighly.
  4. Just so everyone is aware with all the hat wearing accusations. The MYA council currently have no one that is also part the IMCA and ITCA which has been the case well before this release. We are a bit late releasing our September council meeting documents but they will be published today. Once published you can read the Chair's report. We live in a democracy so in November members have a chance to vote off existing council members and/or volunteer to do their jobs. The current background noise is, in itself quite destructive. Anyhow, I have digressed from the original topic which we should revert to.
  5. I use panel wipe, its a degreaser for vehicle paint preperation. It doesn't attack any surfaces. It takes a bit of rubbing where resedue is bad but eventually gets it off. Also brilliant for other degreasing and cheap. 5ltrs for just over £20 in some places which lasts years. Link
  6. Hi Bill, The MYA has a ranking system. Below are links which will help but if you have any other questions please ask. https://mya-uk.org.uk/mya-ranking-positions/ https://mya-uk.org.uk/kb/mya-ranking-rules-and-regulations/
  7. Try the following. Enter the menu and navigate to DR EXP (menu page 3) The first setting is the channel setting and should be on channel 1 which is the one you want if your rudder is on the right hand stick. Just below that setting it shows the switch position (SW:UP or SW:DOWN) This applies to switch D on the top right of the TX and depends which way it is switched. Move the switch to the desired position where you want the exponential to be on. When that's done use the Jog key to move the selector down to EXP. You will then notice if you move the rudder stick each way it switches between the two EXP settings. Hold the rudder stick to the full left position and press the + button and set it to about -50%, then hold the rudder stick to the full right position and press the + button to set the other side to -50%. You will see by doing this you change the curve and flatten it out in the middle which reduces the sensitivity around the center point and means you have to push the stick further for less movement. Once done, if you put switch D in the other position it turns off the Expo. You can mess around with the curve and where you want to start it etc. If you want that to work on a different switch, use the jog key and navigate down to the bottom so SW - SWD is highlighted and with the + and - buttons you can change the switch.
  8. The list is in the members area Dave. https://mya-uk.org.uk/members-area/
  9. It was. Prada looks just a shade faster and covered all options.
  10. Shame to see it end that way for Patriot. Looking forward to the finals..
  11. Something to watch while in lockdown... Most of you probably know the Americas Cup is taking place this year. The PRADA Cup, which is the challenger series, is taking place in Auckland (NZ) and already started yesterday. Those lucky enough to have Sky Sports can find it live on the Sky Sports Mix channel. Those without Sky can find it recorded on YouTube. Team INEOS UK had been struggling previously and not won any races but a lot of changes to their boat in the last couple of weeks has improved their chances of taking on Emirates Team New Zealand, the current Americas Cup holders in the final. I will try and post the videos as they become available. Lots of wind for day 3
  12. The website seems to be fine at the moment. http://nylet-sails.co.uk/
  13. Try Potter Solutions, the website is being revamped but they can probably help.
  14. Our current guidance is on the website and has not yet changed. When it does we will announce it.
  15. Agreed, thanks Paul Just like to say that we will also be adding a "newsletters page" to the MYA website with links to the web and PDF versions of the newsletters for those that have reported issues reading it in their email clients which is only a couple of people so far.
  16. Just below where you type a post you can see "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." So just drag you image over that message and drop it or click "choose files", or to the right click "insert other media"
  17. Austin

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  18. Standard servo torque wise would be fine but if you can choose a half decent waterproof one it would be better. Hitec HS-646WP HV Waterproof which is high voltage too.
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