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  1. 14 boats arrived for Barts Bash at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club on Sat 12th September. It was a mixed class handicap race & competitors were encouraged to donate what they wished into a "Barts Bash" collection bucket. It was a beautiful sunny day with 15/20 knots of westerly wind blowing down the lake creating lots of waves. 1 Marblehead, 2 IOM's , 3 DF65's 2 Mustangs, and 6 R/C Lasers attended. The M, IOM's & Mustangs were one fleet & the Lasers & DF's were the other. The handicaps were arranged by sending the different boats around different length courses. After 10 races & several boats retiring due to gear failure, 1st was John Sharman R/C Laser 2nd was John Plant Mustang 3rd was Olly Murray IOM. Most reliable boats were the Lasers with all 6 finishing every race. On counting the donations in the bucket we found that we had raised £100.05 & 20 cents! to donate to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. Derek Priestley FMYC.
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