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  1. Many thanks Wayne but I think I have it sorted now. For others thinking a boat at the other end of a country is out of range, use the forum, I have had 3 very kind people offering to help me out.
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  2. 4 years down the line now and Alternative continues to sail well. Have often been asked about the boat when sailing; seems to be a popular design for home building. The only mod I have made is the fitting of a small Hitec waterproof servo (HS5086 WP) right on the rudder stock. This employs a small moulding made by Dave Creed. See picture for installation. Very effective and, because it is lighter than a typical rudder servo, does not have a negative effect being right on the end of the boat. Absolutely no play because there is no linkage. BUT the achievable angle is greater. Now this is useful when using the rudder as a brake; start line for example. Needs to be allowed for in normal sailing though. Have used this servo completely in the open on Mini 40 trimaran, but lives under the aft deck patch on Alternative. Richard
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