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    • Agree entirely Darin with your sentiment, though I imagine the UK and other fleet members or owners abroad WILL give two figs when WS (or the class associations on their behalf) say they are not eligible to enter any MYA or similar NCA body event without paying yearly subs to their class. This may not bother those pushing to dump IRSA, but it could certainly bother those that do not sail internationally that will be asked to kick the tin for zero benefit to them. I.e. club and regional racers. These yearly subs to the associations will need to come from somewhere, and like full size racing, it will be every owner that takes the hit, not the precious few. That this side of the debate is not shared asks only more questions as to why the push to split a combined power base within WS of presently four international classes as IRSA, to a pocket of interests pulling in different directions? That current serving members of IRSA are involved in this push to split it, requires a good deal more transparency and balanced view than what is being offered if they want support. Given some comments above, if we use the case that classes get nothing from IRSA, then add to that a view that the MYA ‘expect’ classes to eventually govern themselves as their own NCA, then are we not only signing off on IRSA but also that of the MYA? 
    • What must not be allowed to happen is that this discussion splits the UK fleet and leads to less participation closer to home as for the vast majority of owners this is something that they couldnt give two figs about...    
    • Hi Solent, thanks for answering what you can. Where you mention that IRSA take a large cut of the proceeds of a World Championship, do you know this is £15 per boat entered, I don't feel this is a large amount and you can bet your bottom dollar WS recognition will cost far more than this per boat, will WS also want each boat to be registered with them and a little sticker placed on the boat to say as much? Please do not get the wrong impression of my posts, I hope this venture works out but just cannot endorse the way it has been brought about, zero transparency. Up to 8 entered for the Nationals now, great lake for the 10's to stretch their legs on but feel I have done more to market the race in my forum posts than the whole of the foundation put together.
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