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Event Emergency Contact Forms.

Are you running events?

Are you entering events?

Do you read the Notice of Race?

If you do and it says that the event rules include the MYA SSI’s then you should be prepared to complete the emergency contact form. (Read MYA SSI’s clause 3.01)

This form is important for you, the race team, and possibly your relatives if there is a medical incident at the lakeside so please either take one with you or ask the organisers for one, it could save you or a mate’s life. (don’t forget to get the race team to fill one in as well!)

If you have concerns about privacy why not have a separate envelope in your rig box or toolbox with anything that may be important should you need assistance and make a note of this on your emergency form. Something as simple as ” ICE info taped to the inside of my rig box or in my toolbox” would be sufficient and could save your life. Note: The latest forms include space for your Sail No and Car Registration No for clearer identification.

For general club use, a metal box with an envelope for each member’s details is a good idea and can be kept in the clubhouse.

For more help on this look in the MYA Knowledge Base HERE

While we talk about the boring (but important) stuff, take a look at the Health and Safety advice page which has lots of help and assistance HERE

All of the above and lots more info can be found in the Race and Events sections of the Knowledge Base.

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