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District Website Changes

Dear Members,

We recently decided to merge the district websites into the main MYA website. The main reason is to improve communication and centralise information for our members. Anything we post to do with the MYA and Radio/Free Sailing will be on one website rather than split across seven.

All existing district pages and posts have been imported to the main MYA website; the only pages that have not been imported are those that contain information already on our website. e.g., Getting Started, Classes etc.

As before, each district has its own set of pages, sidebar menu and posts, so it’s possible for a district member to navigate their own district pages in one place.

Each district has its own news/race reports blog which only show posts from its own district.

Every piece of news posted in the districts will now go into the latest news blog of the MYA website so members have one website to visit for all MYA information. This information normally gets posted automatically to X (twitter) and the MYA Facebook page.

Please update any existing links to the district pages from any club websites you manage.

The districts main page that contains links to each district has moved to

Each set of district pages can now be found using the links below.

Please remember to subscribe to our latest news posts so that you receive an email when we post a new NoR, report or information.

Austin Guerrier
Digital Communications Officer

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