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Datchet Announces a New DF95 Series with the launch of Two New Loan Boats…

Datchet have acquired two new DF95s as loan boats to encourage newcomers to take up the sport. The club are introducing a new series for the DF95 class to take place on alternate Saturdays on the same weekend as Sunday Marbleheads.

This coming Saturday (17th February) will be the first date and we will have a one-off day of racing for all those interested in sailing DF95’s regularly and to decide amongst the members how they would like to progress a regular series. We are also encouraging mid week sailing which is currently suggested to be on Wednesdays but could just as easily be on a different day.

Anyone who is interested or who has a DF95 already is encouraged to come this Saturday to discuss formats and dates. If you want to try one of the new club boats then please contact the club via

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