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Congratulations to Graham Bantock, 10 Rater National Champion 2023!

The 10 Rater National Championships were hosted by London Model Yacht Club over the weekend of 10th and 11th June 2023.

11 Skippers had entered the event and 10 arrived at the first start line on the Saturday morning to face a challenging day on the Round Pond in Kensington with generally light winds which increased progressively though the day to the point where several competitors opted to change down to B Rigs. 16 races were completed on day one with eight of the ten competitors winning at least one race during the day including Nicholas Fezer-Brown a junior member of LMYC sailing in his first Model Yachting National Championship.

At the end of the day there was little to separate the top three with Graham Bantock holding a narrow lead over Austin Guerrier who held a single point advantage over Darrin Ballington. Hugh McAdoo sailing his Spectre P8 proved himself highly competitive during the day but entered day two carrying a number of DNS results from day one due to a winch issue.

The conditions on Day 2 tested the patience of PRO, David Lees and the competitors who demonstrated a good deal of patience throughout a day when only 6 races were completed. Hugh McAdoo won the first three races of the day and would have comfortably won the fourth had he sailed through the finish line rather than assuming he had a further lap to complete! Both Darrin Ballington and Austin Guerrier closed the gap to Graham Bantock during the day but his greater level of consistency throughout Saturday proved enough to make him the Champion for the 19th time in 27 years!

Overall Results

Graham Bantock 1st Place

Austin Guerrier 2nd Place

Darin Ballington 3rd Place

Nicholas Fezer-Brown a junior member of LMYC sailing in his first Model Yachting National Championship

Nicholas Fezer-Brown – Junior

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