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Club News – Watermead

It is always fantastic when we get sent news and updates on what is happening within a club, we have recently received the following from the Watermead MBC.

If you have any news that you wish to send to us, don’t be shy, and send it to your district councillor or the Vice Chair and we will publish it on the MYA website and the relevant social media outlets. (pictures are always good to see as well)

Hello from Watermead here in Aylesbury.

We are finally free of flooding and hopefully ice so that each weekend we can sail and scale on the lake.

Our main aim is for everyone to enjoy themselves and not take life too seriously. When racing we try to help and encourage everyone to help improve the standard of sailing and have some fun.

All members have now paid up for 2023 making our total members 45. This has been stable for the last few years. There are about 20 racing sailors and 35 scale across the membership.

The scale often shows naval craft and scale ships of all kinds. We have MTB’s and lifeboats. Also, there is an active Club 500 group who race each month. During the summer there are tug towing events and displays of various craft.

On the sailing side we race mainly each Sunday morning with occasional events on Saturday afternoons. Our main yachts are IOM, Dragon Force 65 with RG 65 and Micro Magics of which we have six regularly racing.

We also sail Marbleheads and Smaradgs throughout the year. There is an average of ten to twelve regular skippers who race competitively all year.

We will also host two Midland meetings this year after a long break, for IOM and RG65. These should be good friendly race days for our members to see how the professional racers sail.

This year the club plans to carry out repairs on the pontoons and refurbish the sailing marks. We also plan to hold a summer picnic to encourage new members.

If any skipper is in our area at the weekends, please come and say Hi. You can join in at any time.

Have a great year of sailing for 2023. Clive Bardell.

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