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A Class – Q & A re Optional Equipment

Dear Fleet member, A question has arisen re the removal for racing of a luff rod spar previously included in a boat’s fundamental measure and any subsequent check measures. The previous CR 1994/7 is now superseded by 2016 IRSA A,…


Jargon Busting

The MYA has compiled a “jargon busting” terminology list that will help skippers and race teams understand the sailing specific terminology used in our racing and race documents. This has been placed in the MYA knowledge base under Association Documents/…


New Class Rules for the Six Metre

New class rules for the Six Metre are now published in the Knowledge Base. Its short notice but the new rules become effective today, 1st June 2017. The rules themselves have changed little, but the presentation and some measurement procedures…


Proposed 36″ Owners Group Rules

In conjunction with the MYA Peter Moore has now prepared some proposed rules for the 36″ Owners Group. “I am proposing that these are adopted by the owners as the rules of The Owners Group, and that owners vote accordingly…


36″ Class – Proposed Rule Change

In from 36″ Class Captain Peter Moore There has been a proposal by Dave Kent to amend the class rules and the MYA Technical  Team under Roger Stollery have been asked to prepare a report on the subject. The proposal…

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