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Freds Big Toephy 2016 – Results

From the Footy Guys The warm winter sunshine bathed the Abbey Meads lake, glistening off the surface of the water. Gradually, the strange beings gathered, clad in woolly jumpers, warm top coats and the obligatory silly hat. Slowly they assembled,…


2015 MYA Footy National Championships- Results and Report

Well Done to Rob Vice on becoming 2015 Footy National Champion. Report from Peter Jackson Once again Watermead Model Boat Club, Aylesbury came up trumps and did an outstanding job of hosting the 2105 MYA Footy National Championship on the…


Fred’s Big Toephy- Results

The concentration levels were high at Guildford MYC for Fred’s Big Toephy. The vice squad raided the party late on, as a lot of ICE went down to two Fat Boys and Supabug. No it is not a report from…


2014 Cadenhead Trophy for Footys

This open was the penultimate event in the 9 race SailFooty UK series and was organised by Southwater Dabblers Model Boat Club, on Southwater Lake. Whilst the weather was warm and sunny, the wind was very light indeed, blowing from…

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