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2020 MYA AGM

We have concluded the 2020 AGM and a video recording is available in the MYA Chat section of our forum. The forum topic will be open for members that may wish to ask any further questions. Only MYA members with…


2020 AGM – Nominations for MYA Chair and Vice Chair

To assist Members in their voting decision, Terry Rensch, Phil Holliday (both nominated for Chair) and Darin Ballington (nominated for Vice Chair) have prepared a little about themselves and their vision for the future of the MYA. You will find…


2020 AGM Agenda and Associated Documents

Agenda Annual General Meeting To be held Virtually and Posted on the web 28th November 2020 Notes relating to exceptional circumstances of the 2020 MYA AGM The AGM will be conducted virtually on a Microsoft Teams Meeting prior to release…


How the 2020 MYA AGM will be run

Earlier in the year the MYA Council took the decision to hold this year’s AGM as a virtual meeting. How the AGM will be run The period up to the AGM date in November will be very much the same…


AGM 2020 Announcement of Motions

Annual General Meeting of The Model Yachting Association The Annual General Meeting of the Model Yachting Association will take place electronically on Saturday 28th November 2020. Details of how the Meeting will be run will be announced on the web…


AGM Update 28th August 2020

Dear Members AGM 28th November 2020 At the our Council Meeting held on Wednesday, it was unanimously agreed that it would not be possible to hold a physical AGM this year due to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions. We are therefore…

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