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Calling all UK IOM Sailors

Whether you are a dedicated club sailor or out and out racer who likes travelling, I need your help. Please can you complete an online survey which should take less than 5 minutes.

It will help with planning the diary for 2024 and beyond, look at ways for promoting inter club activity and help to re-establish an IOM class association which we need to secure a great future for the class. This will be done in partnership with the MYA with the emphasis on good racing and FUN.

Recent climate changes are restricting our sailing in the summer with weed and low water levels. In addition accommodation and travel costs are rising rapidly. To use the best venues for our events, we need to consider changing our traditional timings. We also need volunteers to help our class thrive, promote activities and drive the future success. Do you want to organise and promote your own events or just leave it to the MYA? If you are interested in helping rebuild the class association, please let me know.

The survey is open for 2 weeks only and will close 31st March.

Click here to complete the online Survey.

Best of luck with your sailing.

Nigel Barrow
MYA Racing Officer

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