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At the 2015 AGM, the Chris Dicks Award was presented to Peter Wiles. Peter’s contribution to good model yacht design is not just for a single model yacht hull or fitting, but for a great range of products. Many of his injection moulded fittings are ingenious, well-made and have been created from his top-level sailing experience and the desire to improve the design and make his products work better. Improvement on existing designs was an approach which Chris Dicks appreciated. Peter demonstrates this by the many versions of his A class design, as well as the development of his fittings. Peter’s contribution is at the level of the sport for those starting out in radio sailing in the established classes, which is important for the sport’s growth. His approach is not just for newcomers, but for those who wish to improve their existing radio sailing experience, without having to spend a lot of money to do so.

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