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A Photographic Record of the 2023 Vane A Centenary Week by Roger Stollery

I was most looking forward to the Vintage day on the Saturday and had prepared CJ Vice’s CLOCKWORK ORANGE to sail using the original 1972 wing mast rig.

Graham Wyeth organised a schedule to sail a few of the old boats. I was particularly keen to sail against the heavy old boats again in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This experience reminded me why I had the crazy idea for the CLOCKWORK ORANGE with only two thirds of the sail area and two thirds of the weight of a traditional boat, because the lightweight made it so much easier to handle, much faster and more exciting than these heavyweights, beautiful that some of these vintage boats were on display around the clubhouse.

Sailing as mate to CJ, I could not take the photographs myself and was introduced to CJ’s girlfriend Emily, who used my camera to record these historic photographs. These initial pictures of the starts looked good and so she continued to use my camera throughout the week to take as many interesting photos as she fancied. One day she took 290! There are some really good shots and these are shown in the daily PDFs. I cut down well over 500 and edited 213 with the intention to put these onto Flickr, but because of a frustratingly technical problem at Flickr I was not even able to get an account set up!

Damian Ackroyd stepped into the breach to produce these PDFs of each day. There are some repeats and some rogue photos, for which I apologise, but they are a photographic record of this special Centenary week, for which I thank everyone involved, the event and race organisers, the competitors, but particularly the lovely Emily.

10 August 2023

Saturday – Vintage LR

Sunday LR

Tuesday -1 LR

Tuesday -2 LR

Wednesday YMC LR

Thursday LR

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