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2024 IOM Ranking 1 Report and Results

IOM Ranking – 1 at Eastbourne & District MYC 13th April 2024

Forty one sailors arrived at Eastbourne & District MYC home water at Princes Park to contest the first ranking event of 2024. The weather was bright and sunny albeit somewhat chilly in the breeze.

Registration was opened at 08:00 whilst the race team configured a course The breeze was West South West and comfortably in the number 1 rig range.

Three fleets would be racing with initial seeding based on the ranking list at the start of 2024. For those without a ranking, their order was determined by their event entry position.

EDMYC commadore Jeremy Collier welcomed the competitors and then handed over to PRO Dave Allinson for the briefing. All the usual topics were covered along with a few words relating to race etiquette from RYA Judge Rob Owens.

Racing commenced just after 10am with C fleet on the water. Racing was quick and close with James Hadden taking a win from Rob Dyer and Mark James. A small delay ensued as the breeze moved right and the start and leeward gate was realigned.

Tony Edwards was very quick to establish a small lead from David Lindsay. Shaun Priestley came through to pick up third place. A further delay followed as the wind moved even further right and the course was again realigned. A fleet seeding began with Craig Richards suffering a winch issue as he went to put his boat in the water. Brad Gibson very quick off the line to take a small lead from local man Ken Binks a Dorian Crease. Another wind shift on the second windward leg allowed both Ken and Dorian to slip through and these places were held to the finish.

The wind had now moved even further right necessitating the racecourse moving the opposite bank. Lunch was moved up to coincide with this delay.

With the fleet board updated, racing recommenced into a good south westerly breeze which was starting to build in strength.

Jeremy Collier sailed in synch with the shifts on the first beat to open a lead which he held to the finish, Ben Harker and Trevor Binks chased him home.

B fleet took to the water next, with Darin Ballington leading from Peter Baldwin and Bob Connor. Craig had fixed his winch issue and was back sailing.

A fleet commenced with Brad so quick off the start line slipping into a lead he held all the way to the finish. Darin and Peter followed him home.

The breeze was now rising to the top end of rig-1. Races were quick at 10 minutes for the leader and 11 minutes for the final place. Some sailors were reaching their control limits with rig-1 and between races 4 and 5 the breeze went well into the rig-2 range, With boats nose diving on the down wind legs, sailors were hastily changing down to rig-2. A small delay was provided for promoted boats to change down. The breeze had now settled, and only small course changes were required as it oscillated between the windward mark options.

C fleet racing was highly competitive with very close finishes in the first four promotion places. B fleet was just as competitive with very close finishes.

Brad Gibson had taken a firm hold on the A fleet with five first places. Tony Edwards had found some very good consistency to move into second place from Darin Ballington. Craig after a disastrous start to the day was working hard to climb back up to an eventual fourth place.

Racing concluded just after 17:30 after eight races had been accomplished. Race equipment was packed away and race results processed.

EDMYC Commadore Jeremy Collier presented the prizes.

First club boat went to Ken Binks
Prizes were then awarded to the top eight sailors.

Thank you to the excellent race team from the home club. Their diligence during the day contributed to a great event.

I would also like to thank all the competitors for bearing with us as the breeze shifted around in the morning, and for everyone who assisted in observing during the day.

It was nice to see Brad’s new boat. It has certainly had a huge amount of thought in its conception, design and build. It has elegant sleek lines and is certainly very quick. It will be interesting to follow its progress through the year. Another interesting boat on the water was Brad’s POP! in the hands of Josh King. Nice to have you back in the fleet Josh.

Six Britpop’s placed in the top ten and the Alioth seems to be able to do well in the capable hands of Craig and Nigel. Rob Dyer with his Venti had some good consistency throughout the day to place in the top ten.

Dave Allinson – PRO

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