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2023 MYA Midland District R36 Champion Skipper

Eight skippers turned up at Bournville RS&MBC on the Sunday the clocks went forward for summer time. It was anything but summer I can tell you, the forecast was for a NE breeze of about 8mph, and it was a lazy wind, if you know what I mean. A couple of skippers had forgotten to change their clocks so were a little late arriving and getting ready for the first race.

The event PRO was John Ind (Bournville RS&MBC) who called the skippers together and had the first race away on time despite the light rain. The course chosen was a Bournville zig-zag starting at the club house end, and there was to be two and a half laps. John ran the first four races back to back and then announced a coffee break. I can tell you that the skippers were happy to come in and grab a brew. It was at this time that Bill green said he could not feel his fingers and so withdrew from any further racing, Stephen Hodgkinson also withdrew as he was having rudder issues, but Dave Kent had arrived, and he joined in at race 5. Chris Harris also turned up to drop off the trophy, and when he saw Bill’s boat sitting there, he joined in for a single race.

After race 4 it was Peter Moore with 2 wins, and one each for John Burgoine and Chris Cook.

The rain had eased but it was still cold, John called everyone outside for race 5, he had looked at the course and decided that as the wind had come more Northerly, he would set a long beat to the far end, and keep it as two and a half laps. Race 5 was very tight with four boats side by side on the run with only the short beat to the finish line to separate them. The win going to John Burgoine.

Race 6 saw a win for Dave Kent, this was then followed by two more for John B, and the final one going to Peter M. I had retired to the relative warm of the club house to do the scores by then and when the final two results were handed to me by John Ind, I knew it was going to be tight.

Everyone was happy to call it a day after race 9, so they all gathered in the club house for a de-rig and warming brew. With the results calculated, it was up to Bill Green to do the presentation of the district rose bowl trophy, which went to John Burgoine by a single point.

Take a look at the score sheet here: MD R36 District

I have also done an analysis of the event and offer the following two pages for information only.

Top 5 skippers by race results chart. 2023 MYA MD R36 Champion skipper analysis chart

Race averages, designs, club representation etc. 2023 MYA MD R36 Champion skipper analysis

Thanks to Bournville RS&MBC for hosting the event.

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