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2022 Vane 36 National Championship Report and Results

2022 Vane 36 National Championship

Vane 36 National Championship 16th and 17th April 2022 at Gosport MYBC

For our first major Free Sailing event of the year, Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club’s Walpole Lake looked amazing, sparkling in the sunshine with a variable ESE/ SE wind which, for a few races on Sunday, became a glorious easterly beat and run! On Saturday, an underlying breeze, on the light side of medium, fluctuated in strength sufficiently to require some sail changes. By Sunday morning the breeze had increased, although it seemed from a steadier direction, skippers found they had to manage settings to accommodate nuances at different points of the lake. By the afternoon there was more wind, and many changed down sails.

Originally there were 18 boats entered, but two were withdrawn leaving a strong fleet of 16. There were a mix of designers with designs going back over half a century up until hot off the blocks this year. Designs were from nine different designers.
The competitors, representing eight clubs, were aged between 10 and the late 70’s and included at least half a dozen former/current National champions from a range of classes. There were families of three generations participating, as well as parents with children, and also siblings racing together. Overall, there were 7 juniors and several youngsters in their late teens. It was noticeable how their skills have developed over the years, which is vital because they are the future of Free Sailing.

By the end of the first day, the results were close with Peter Fothergill and Paul Edwards one point ahead of Dave and Amber Geldard. Chris Harris was only two points behind them. Snapping at his heels were Lewis and Russell Wyeth ahead by one point from their Dad and Grandad, Shaun and Graham Wyeth. The freshening wind conditions on Sunday morning saw Peter and Paul drawing out their lead and maintaining their supremacy on the upwind legs. Shaun and Graham improved to 2nd place and Chris and Lewis in 3rd and 4th respectively. However, it was not cut and dried. The winds were stronger at the beginning of the afternoon and successfully setting a guy (enabling boats to self-tack) became important. By the end of the day, Shaun and Graham, from being three points behind were a clear ten points ahead of Peter and Paul in second place. Chris Harris maintained a third position on countback and Lewis and Russell, were fourth.

Throughout the fleet there were some very close finishes. The leaders and more experienced sometimes lost points to less experienced skippers! There were a few resails resulting from collisions, several when spinnakers were able to be deployed. In one notable case two boats collided very shortly before the finishing line and had to go all the way back for a resail! A number of restarts were necessary following collisions close to the start. Fifteen races were achieved, so every skipper sailed every other skipper.

Competitors and the race team, the latter with many members from the club’s radio fleets, were thanked by the Race Officer, Jacque Cook for participating in what was a very successful and amiable weekend. Those who assisted the skippers that were racing without mates were particularly thanked as they increased their leg work to cover the boats: great stamina! There was a special vote of thanks to Cassie Wyeth who provided an amazing range of freshly baked cakes which were greatly appreciated. Prizes were awarded by the Vice Commodore, Darin Wigg and as it was Easter, everyone was awarded chocolate! Brilliant photographs by Gill Pearson are available to download, a great record, thank-you, Gill.

2022 Vane 36 National Championship

Prize Winners
1st Place: Shaun Wyeth and Graham Wyeth
2nd Place: Peter Fothergill and Paul Edwards
3rd Place: Chris Harris
4th Place: Lewis Wyeth and Russell Wyeth
Junior: Oliver Stollery
Veteran: Derek Priestley
ARGE Eric Meighen (The All Round Good Egg Award)

Final Results
c/b = count back

PlaceTotal PointsSkipper & MateClubDesignerDesignName


61Shaun Wyeth & Graham WyethGosportDave HollomRoad RunnerTaz


51Peter Fothergill &

Paul Edwards

GosportMike DannDiversionHHot


51Chris Harris &

Charlie Harris

WindrushMartin DoveyDark MatterDark Matter
4th45Lewis Wyeth &

Russell Wyeth

GosportDave HollomRoad RunnerRoad Runner
5th44Dave Geldard & Amber GeldardLeeds and BradfordAlex AustinTaxashunThree Foot


41Oliver Stollery &

Roger Stollery

GuildfordAlex AustinXasperachunXasperachun
7th41Derek Priestley &Lisa PriestleyFleetwoodMike DannDiversionBlue Bullet
8th38Peter Hopkins & Dave NicksonBournvilleJohn FisherMaxMax
9th37Peter Stollery & Nathan StolleryGuildfordPeter StolleryMicky MouseMicky Mouse


31Max ButtimerGosportMike DannDiversionBlack Pig


29Andrea RobertsBirkenheadAlex AustinDeductionBlue
12th28David Mathers & Susanne LewisGosportMike DannGeckoGeckaroo
13th27Mark Dicks &

Sam Dicks

ClaphamChris DicksRealisticBlack Jake
14th26Susanne Lewis &

David Mathers

GosportMartin DoveySeboraTaube


25Thomas Wyeth &

Sam Roberts



Dave HollomRoad RunnerNemo
16th25Shaun Priestley & Tom PriestleyFleetwoodMark DicksNerenuf
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