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2022-2023 IOMMDWCS R3 Manor Park RSC race report

Despite concerns at the forecast low wind speeds of 5mph, gusting 6mph, from the North, a team of 13 charming skippers started on the Manor Park SC water at 10.00 prompt.  The feature of the day was Bill Green’s new blue Venti, which Chris Harris was keen to trial.

The course was laid expertly by Simon Richardson and displayed on the new magnetic course board.  There were windward marks 6 and 7 alongside the left of the control area and leeward gate marks 3 and 4 to the left of the island.  The light breeze was visible on the water, well away from bank.  Gentle thumbs on the radios kept the yachts moving, with some really challenging shifts right close to the windward marks.  As these marks were close by to the skippers on the raised bank, there were no collisions, despite the precision manoeuvres.

There were no breakdowns or rescues, which is a real measure of the quality of the fleet.  Chris Harris didn’t seem to make many adjustments to Bill’s boat and was consistently leading, by judging the wind skilfully.  That left Nigel Barrow, Tim Hand and Pete Walters, who a lot more quietly were also leading the fleet, gaining an occasional first place.  As the wind shifted the fleet chose the right-hand gate mark to some advantage.

In the afternoon the course was shifted 90 degrees so that the windward marks 1 and 2 were over on the right by the floating jetty.  Rob Radbourne and Denis Walker, both from Manor Park, then judged things better, taking the right-hand gate and crossing in front of the island.  While this was a longer route it favoured the wind, so they gained high places.  Denis Walker and Nick Probyn also deserve a commendation for sailing so well with traditional club yachts. The final places show a uniform spread of scores.

It was enjoyable to be race officer, with my excellent finish team of Avril Richardson and Graham Whalley.  Bill’s Venti has also passed its acceptance trial. The results from round 3 are here: 2022-2023 IOMMDWCS R3

PRO, Colin Walton, Manor Park RSC.

The photography was by David Pawlak.

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