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2021 MYA Marblehead National Champion, Chris Harris.

Congratulations go to Chris Harris (boat 21, a Grunge) for his win at this year’s MYA National Championship. See results here: MYA Marblehead National Championship 2021

The “Classic Challenge Cup” winner was Andrea Roberts (boat 55, a starkers), results here: 2021 MYA Marblehead Classic Challenge Cup skipper R13

The TOT’s Trophy winning team was Peter Stollery, Tony Guerrier & Robert Wilson, results here: TOT’s team score sheet R13 sorted

Well, we finally did it after many months of Covid enforced Government restrictions we got the 2021 Marblehead Nationals at Manor Park RSC completed. The host club had done a huge amount of preparation for the event, everything from preparing and maintenance of the site to providing the catering for all to enjoy on the Saturday evening.

In no particular order the people behind this were, Colin Walton, Darin & Tracey Ballington, Graham Whalley, Roy & Nancy Johnson, Rob Radbourne, Simon Richardson, Susan Walton Sandra Smith, Les Cleaver, Dave Butress, Rob Hudson, Laurie Brown, Mick Chamberlain, Martin Waller, Don Charlesworth, Garry Box, Peter Pallet, John Smith, Jackie Hookham, Min Edwards.

Without these people giving up their time to work behind the scenes this event would not have run as smoothly as it did, so thank you all for your efforts.

So, to the Sunday, the race team were in place early, before 8:00am to be met with a few skippers still in their tents. However, one of the happy campers Rob Vice had already got the tea urn going so we started with a brew and then consulted for an updated forecast. Things were looking better than yesterday for Kings Bromley if it was to be believed. Whilst it was still a gentle breeze at this stage at least it was mostly coming from the southwest. The boat crew were out getting extra buoys ready, and they had several course options prepared to choose from before 8:30am.

The PRO Hugh McAdoo called a skippers briefing at 9:15am announcing that no race would start after 15:45, and any heat in progress at 16:30 would be abandoned. The first heat of the morning was to be 6A which we were not able to complete last night, everything dropped back into action, and the heat started on time at 9:30am. The wind direction was playing nice and so Hugh was able to use one of the 4 windward buoys and a spreader mark before the run down to a leeward gate. A variation of this course was able to be used all day. Obviously, there was the odd change of bias on the start line, and a couple of general recalls to contend with due to a wind shift during the countdown where some of the boats could make it to the windward mark on one tack, or there was a bunch of boats over at the gun. But even though this was to be a slightly shorter day we got 7.5 races completed today, including a 30-minute lunch break where there was second helpings of apple pie and ice cream available. Having a water boiler outside so people could make their own drinks was also proving popular as when ever you were not sailing you could top up rather than having to wait for a break in the sailing.

In one of the heats an observer noted that a skipper had not sailed the course correctly and the observer then reported this to race management, after consulting John Burgoine (Protest committee) he informed the skipper who accepted the call. The skippers result for that heat was a NSC, this is a new designation in the RRS 2021-2024 under Appendix A10, it means “Did not sail the course” I think that it is the first time that we have used this in a radio sailing event.

Potentially the last race 14 for the day was called to the start at 15:40 and they then had a general recall, this put them over the time limit, and so racing was abandoned for the day.

The skippers started to pack their boats and equipment away for the journey home whilst the race team reviewed the scores for the trophy winners.

So, lets start with a little explanation for each of the trophy’s categories, The MYA Marblehead National trophy is a large cup titled Model Boats Trophy for the RM Class yachts, it goes to the winner of the National Championship. Next is the “Classic Challenge Cup” this goes to the highest placed skipper with a yacht that is registered more than 10 years before the first day of the current National Championship.






Finally, there is a TOT’s, Team Of Three trophy this is a three part trophy and each member of the winning team gets a piece of it.

So how are the teams picked? After race 3 an HMS summary page print out is done with all the skippers in their positions at that stage. This list is then divided into thirds, top, middle and bottom. The jib numbers are then written onto pieces of paper, and these are folded and placed into three separate groups, these are then drawn at random as one from each group to form a team. These teams then remain fixed for the rest of the event and the winners with the lowest combined score are the champions.

Thank you to Tina for doing the draw, it threw up some interesting combinations.


Darin called the skippers together outside the dinghy club house for the prize giving, which were to be presented by Graham Whalley. The first to be presented was the TOT’s trophy, then the “Classic Challenge Cup”, and then there was a little surprise. The club had arranged for some medals to be made, there was 10 with a picture of a Marblehead yacht on for the top skippers, and a further 10 medals with a sinking Marblehead yacht on for the lowest 10 skippers on, all good fun.

Then Chris Harris was called up to collect the National Championship Trophy, he made a short emotional speech as this event had a lot meaning to him, congratulations and applause were then offered from the assembled group.

Thanks, must also go to the skippers who supported this event by their attendance and good humour, and did race observer duties when asked, it was good to see you all back sailing again.

Then to Garry Box who managed the heat board, chased up all the race record sheets, and hustled round for observers, cheers.

Finally, to my photographers Sandra Smith who did the Saturday images, and Peter Moore who did some sailing and prize presentation images on the Sunday.

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