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2021 MYA M National Championship Saturday, Manor Park RSC.

31 skippers had booked in at Manor Park RSC for this years MYA M National Championship. Your race officer was Hugh Mcadoo ably assisted by members of the host club who were the race team.

Darin B did a welcome speech and reminded everyone of the club rules to always wear a life jacket when around the slipway and landing stage, he also mentioned that the sailing club were racing and would be passing through our lake to the next one later. Little did he know at the time that one of the dinghy’s being towed out was to capsize right on top of our spreader mark during the first seeding race. This caused a race abandonment and a restart for us, but a wet kid who had capsized, luckily no issue and they quickly cleared the course.

Hugh was able to get the first two seeding races away in a reasonable westerly breeze, but after that he spent most of the day chasing the wind as it switched direction almost as soon as he could get the boat team to reset the course. At one stage it went very light, and it was just not possible to set a course. However later in the day he did manage to get race 5 completed and the first B heat of race 6. So that leaves the fleet starting with race 6A tomorrow morning.

Tonight, Colin W had arranged for fish and chip van to come round, and the fleet were going to enjoy a fish supper after a long day by the lake.

Leading after 5 races was Chris Harris, followed by Peter Stollery and Darin Ballington. To see the rest of the placings, click here: MYA Marblehead National Championship 2021

The MYA M Nationals also has two other competitions within the championship and that is the TOT’s trophy, this is a team of three which is made up by a draw from the top, middle and bottom third of the fleet after race 3. Click here: TOT’s team score sheet R5

The other competition is the “Classic Cup” which is open to boats that are registered 10 years or more ago on the first day of the national championship. There are 5 boats that qualify for this, click here: 2021 MYA Marblehead Classic Cup skipper list

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