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2020 IRSA Marblehead and Ten Rater World Championships – January Update

Six months out and organisation for the 2020 IRSA Marblehead and Ten Rater World Championships (from this point on called “The 2020 Worlds”) is well underway, the race officials are in place, the venue is geared up and volunteers are coming forward, more of that later, the event website is being populated and the entry is open, so currently all systems are go…..

The organising team hope that as many of you as possible will visit the 2020 Worlds at the Marine Lake in West Kirby between the 11th and 19th of June to take in the great racing and the beautiful venue and Dee Estuary, even if you don’t fancy the racing the location is worth a visit on its own!

If you are coming along and would like to be involved as a volunteer helper, even if only for a day or so, please contact the organisers via the 2020 Worlds website or your district councillor. There is already a list of helpers who have volunteered, but there are many roles to fill and as they say, “the more the merrier”.

International events are great to be involved in whether as a competitor or a helper, so please don’t be shy in coming forward.

Talking of competitors, if you do wish to enter please contact Phil Holliday ( ) before the closing date (13th Feb 2020) and get your entry form in. The allocation system means that GBR skippers get a good chance of a place, and even if you haven’t got a high-ranking position there may still be an opportunity to compete.

If you want to be placed on the list of those interested, then get in touch with Phil.

Finally, in this fantastic year for the sport and these classes in the UK, keep in touch with what’s going on by checking he 2020 Worlds website, the respective class websites, and look out for further updates on the MYA website.

See you all there

Darin Ballington

MYA Racing Officer

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