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2018 SWDWS2 @ Woodspring Report

Congratulations to Nick Noble on a convincing win at Woodspring

Sunday  9th of December saw 14 competitors arrive at Portishead for the 2nd of the Winter series. However not everything went to plan. The OOD had been ill all night and phoned in sick.

Nick Martin with a borrowed V9 managed to lock himself out of his car with the sails inside and the hull outside. Graciously he spent the morning assisting the OOD until a spare set of keys arrived.

Most of the competitors rigged their boats with 2nd suit only to change to top suit as the wind dropped approaching the 10.00 o’clock start.

With the wind coming from the SW a course of windward, spreader and gate was laid across the bottom of the lake and racing commenced. The course being short 3 laps was ordered with the finish line being through the gate

Nick Noble won the first raced followed closely by Bob Conner and Richard Wills. The mornings racing saw these 3 along with Richard Aucott consistently at the front of the fleet.

Throughout the morning and indeed the day the wind stayed consistent in strength but not in direction. Several major course changes were necessary to accommodate this.

Mark Pressdee had travelled from Wales to try out his new boat for the first time. Unfortunately he suffered a few teething problems and had to retire early.

Richard Wills suffered a winch problem and sadly retired half way through the day,

A 40 minute lunch was given prior to the afternoons racing concluding at 3.30. This  enabled people to travel home before dark.

Prize giving included the Annual Memorial Trophy. This trophy is given to the skipper who is deemed by the OOD to have sailed in the most gentlemanly manner (hopefully including good sailing skills). It was awarded to Nick Noble, making him a winner twice on the day.

Many thanks to Nick Crayman for taking on OOD at short notice and for the Woodspring members who observed and enabled the day to run smoothly. Thanks to Huw Gibby for the photos.

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