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2018 SWDWS1 @ Dartmoor Results

Richard Aucott wins the first of the Winter Series by a narrow margin.

Sunday 4th November saw a wet journey to Dartmoor. On arrival the rain stopped and the wind appeared consistent from a southerly direction.

With apologies from 2 skippers who had retracted their entries, 10 skippers took to the water all deciding on top suit.

PRO Jerry Lock had set a long course up the lake consisting of 2 roundings of windward, spreader & gate with the start also being the finish line. With the assistance of John Kiff and the Dartmoor team, observing was executed with precision.

Racing started punctually and continued for 4 races in succession prior to a quick coffee break.

Another 4 races continued mixed with a few small rain showers before stopping for early lunch.

At Dartmoor the weather does its own thing, so its best at this time of year to keep the race schedule running quickly as invariably the unexpected happens.

Lunch time saw Richard Aucott, Bob Conner, Peter Cropper and John White (all from different clubs) in the mix. All was to play for in the afternoon. Dave Morris from the hosting club was consistently 4th or 5th crossing the finishing line.

During the next session the rain showers continued and then at Race 10 low cloud or mist descended to partially hide the windward mark. This was taking sailing to an unknown level and navigation lights would have been useful. Fortunately the mist disappeared almost as quickly as it had come ready for race 11 to continue.

With the odd course change to suit the varying wind directions and another short break, 16 races were completed by 14.30.

After packing up and attending the prize giving most competitors were starting their journey home by 3.00pm following an enjoyable but hard days sailing.

Thanks to Dartmoor for putting on this winter event.

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