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2011 SW DCS 2- A short report sent in by Alan Chidgey

The second in the South West District Championship series had an entry of 13 skippers – unlucky for some! The wind was a brisk west-northwest just at the limit for top suit – the sun was shining with high fluffy white clouds – what more could we ask?

Robbie Nevitt had set out a good course with a long start line but with the strong west northwesterly wind we usually managed to run out of line and two or more would be over before the start, which meant a re-call. We had plenty of re-calls during the day as some skippers thought they were capable of sighting the line without being in line with it. Once a start was completed the fleet soon sorted itself into leaders and the rest. Mike Hounsell had some problems and after the first race withdrew and spent the rest of the day helping Robbie with race organisation and observing.


John Taylor arrived with only his sail numbers in outline – he was quickly told to fill them in with black ink as out on the water his yacht could not be identified. It was nip and tuck between Bob Conner and John Taylor with Nick Whyte from Teignbridge trying hard to push his bow over the line first. Mike Cooper had a good morning but found the uneven ground rather taxing and left at lunchtime. After completing 16 races we were all quite happy to call it a day. John Taylor was the winner with 24 points. Bob Conner was second with 33 and Nick Whyte third with 37. John White 4th, Richard Aucott 5th, Neil Surman 6th, Doug Penman 7th, George Evans 8th, Alan Chidgey 9th, Paul Newman 10th, Mike Cooper 11th, Brian Lewarne 12th.

Alan Chidgey- South West District Sec

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