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IOMICA discussion group
Membership of the NCA and of the MYA

Communication with NCA members
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MYA membership renewals in 2004

IOMICA discussion
IOMICA's discussion group is now settling in very well.  The discussion group holds a number of general forums as well as country specific.  Two GBR forums are in place - one for general topics of specific interest or relevance to the UK and one to handle GBR ballots and votes (more on how this will be used later).    Richard Rowan comments "If you are comfortable with using the internet,  then this looks like a good place to keep in touch with what's happening in the world of IOM sailing."       Click here to go and have a look.

Membership of the
NCA and of the MYA
Membership of the MYA automatically confers membership of the IOM NCA for GBR to all IOM owners - ie all club affiliated members of the MYA who own an IOM may become members of the IOM NCA for GBR by completing the simple membership registration form.  There is no additional subscription required.

with NCA members
In order to keep costs under control,   as far as possible communication with the UK membership will be primarily via electronic methods - ie via email and this section of the MYA web site.  However,  those members who either can't or choose not to communicate by email will receive information by post - delivery by post will probably be slower than by email.

Email addresses
Therefore it is important that all members of the NCA have an email address.  We would hope that if you do not have an email account of your own,  you will nominate a friend's account.   However,  not having an email address is not a good reason for not registering - we will send out information by traditional methods (otherwise known as snail mail) but remember that sending information by post takes time and costs money !

MYA membership
renewals in 2004
IOM registration and information on other classes owned is being requested with the annual MYA membership returns for the 2004 Membership Year.  The acquisition of such information will assist the MYA Council in improving the facilities offered to the MYA membership.