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Submission of NCA Membership details to the NCA Secretary

Use this page to submit  both new and updated details

Please read the notes at the foot of this page before proceeding   (click here to see the notes).

If you have more than 4 IOMs to register - please fill in a second form.

►  Method 1 - Use the web based email form

The web based email form works for all email addresses and it doesn't need email set up on your local computer.

If the button doesn't work,  try the link instead.


Alternative method of opening the email form

►  Method 2 - Print the download form

Return the completed form by post.

If the button doesn't work,  try the link instead

You will need AcroReader installed on your computer to be able to open and print the pdf membership form.

Alternative method of downloading the pdf file

If you don't have AcroReader installed on your computer,  then click on the link below to directly download v5.1.  Although this version is not the latest,  it installs and runs reasonably quickly.    
Click here to get a copy of AcroReader

►  If neither of the above methods works,  then telephone Richard Rowan   07904 333430

Notes on completing the registration forms

You will need the following to hand:
(1)     Your MYA number.
(2)     The certificate for each IOM you intend to register.
(3)     Your email address if you intend to receive communications by email.
(4)     If you don't know
your NCA membership number or if you are registering for the first time,  then leave the field empty.

The Registration form includes a field called Submission type.   The choices are:
Initial registration Choose this option if this is your first registration
Initial registration -additional form Choose this option if you have more than 4 IOMs to register - add the extras ones using this option.
Address details update Choose any of these options if you are updating information previously sent.
Boat details update
Boat sold
Boat purchased


What to do if any of the details you sent previously have changed

Just send another form.  Choose one of the update submission types above.   

Response to the submission of your membership form

If you submit your form by email,   you should receive an autoresponse from the MYA mail server a short time after you send your email.  That means that your email is then waiting for the Class Secretary to connect and download.

If you submit your form by post or fax,   then where you have given an email address,  you will receive an acknowledgement by email.   If you have not given an email address,  then you will receive a reply by post.