IOM National Class Association for GBR


NCA for GBR owners - Voting in the 2009 IOMICA AGM

The IOMICA 2009 AGM will be held at the IOM World Championships at Barbados on 23rd June.  Each IOM NCA is required to compute its voting strength by 26th May 2009 and to then submit the vote of its members at the AGM.

This year there are 7 resolutions one of which deals with elections for two IOMICA Executive Officers,  3 are concerned with changes to the Class Rules,  2 deal with changes to IOMICA's constitution and finally, one tasks the IOMICA Executive with investigating whether the Class should affiliate to ISAF as an international class.

Each of these resolutions must be voted on by IOM Owners throughout the world.  Individual owners preferences are recorded via the NCA to which they are affiliated.

For GBR Owners,  the following arrangements have been made to enable them to take part in the IOMICA vote:
(1) Each Owner should check his eligibility to take part in the GBR vote.   Detailed information on how to determine eligibity is given in this document   IOM NCA for GBR - Membership information sheet (pdf format).  This document provides detailed information on membership classification,  boat ownership,  registration,  certification and relevant class official contact details.

In summary,  if you are affiliated to the MYA via an MYA club and you own at least one IOM which is correctly registered with the GBR IOM Registrar,  then you can take part in the vote.

An email will be sent to each MYA Club Secretary with a valid email address (anticipated to be done on or shortly after 26th May) containing a summary of the information in this page and with a request to notify his/her members of these arrangements. 

Individual club members can also vote directly as set out in section (2) below.

(2) Individual owners wishing to vote should read the IOMICA World Council Meeting Agenda 2009 document.  This is held on the IOMICA website as a pdf file and can be accessed through the following link  IOMICA World Council Meeting Agenda 2009.   Additional notes for GBR owners may be viewed here  Voting paper notes (pdf file)

Once you have read the above document,  you can then make your vote as follows:

Method (a)  -  print the voting paper using the following pdf file Voting paper (pdf file),  complete as appropriate and return it to Richard Rowan by post.  The postal address is given on the voting paper.

Method (b)  -  download the following word document file  Voting paper (Word doc file),  complete it as appropriate using Word and return it by email.  Email votes should be returned to  Emails sent to this address will receive an auto-response.

Votes must be returned by Tuesday 16th June 2009.


(3) If you require current information on your membership status in the NCA,  then please contact Richard Rowan  (contact details below).

Please note that only Certificated and Registered members can take part in the vote. 

In order to be classed as a Certificated and Registered member,  you must be affiliated to the MYA via an MYA club.

If you haven't affiliated with the NCA or if you are not sure that you are affiliated,  then do so now.  
Follow the instructions on this page    Click here to register with the NCA Secretary

(4) If you need any help with any aspect of the above,  then please contact Richard Rowan by either of the following methods:
Telephone 07904 333430

Email to