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  IOMICA AGM 2008   
23/11/2008 Result of the owner ballot
15/11/2008 Update - Current voting numbers
09/11/2008 Update - Owner list submitted to IOMICA.  Current voting numbers. 
12/10/2008 Information for GBR owners

  IOMICA AGM 2008 

Result of the owner ballot

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Thanks to those 52 owners who have submitted votes.   The results of the ballot are:
Owner Ballot Results for NCA for GBR
Resolution Number in Agenda 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6
To be voted on by (owner type) cert cert cert cert cert
& reg
Number of Owners Votes for 41 44 44 45 43 41
Reg Cert Other Votes against 5 1 0 1 1 1
2 46 4 Abstensions 0 1 2 0 4 4
Valid votes 46 46 46 46 48 46
invalid votes 6 6 6 6 4 6

15/11/2008  Update

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Continuing thanks to those owners and club secretaries who have taken the time to send me registration information and votes.  As of today,  the voting total is 16 votes received electronically and 12 by post.

It is also worth noting that,  if I had been submitting the owner list to IOMICA today,  I would have returned a list of 546 Certificated (+12) and 35 Registered owners (-1).  The boat list would have had  857 boats with full certificates (+15)  and 51 boats registered in an owners name but with no current  certificate.

3 days to go before I had chosen to finalise the GBR vote - but because I am pretty up-to-date today,  I will be happy to receive votes right up to next weekend. 

GBR voting deadline extended until Saturday 22nd November 2008

09/11/2008  Update

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Thanks to all those owners who have taken the time to send me registration information and votes.  I would report that I submitted a list of 534 Certificated and 36 Registered owners to IOMICA on 27th October.  The number of boats with full certificates was 842 and correctly registered but without a full certificate 51.

As of today,  I have received 14 votes electronically and 5 by post.

9 days to go before I have to finalise the GBR vote.

  IOMICA AGM 2008 

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The 2008 IOMICA AGM will be held electronically between Monday 24th November and Sunday 30th November.    This year there are 6 resolutions all concerned with either changes to the Class Rules or changes to the Class Championship Regulations.   The Notice of the AGM,  Agenda and accompanying information may be found at IOMICA - 2008 AGM

The schedule for NCA for GBR Owners in respect of preparing for and voting in the 2008 AGM is as follows:

by Sunday 26th October
- all GBR Owner information must be updated with the GBR Class Secretary.   All NCA for GBR boat owners are requested to update their personal and boat information.  Use the web registration form - click on the link in yellow above.  Updates can be sent electronically or by post.

by Tuesday 18th November - this deadline now extended until Saturday 22nd November
- all GBR Owners voting papers must be returned to the GBR Class Secretary.   The NCA for GBR vote will be collated and submitted by Richard Rowan.   Click on the link below for detailed arrangements:

NCA for GBR owners - how to vote in the 2008 IOMICA AGM