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2007 news archive
26/09/2007 Statement concerning IOMICA's request to reballot GBR owners following their 3rd change to the Agenda for the AGM
12/09/2007 GBR poll - additional candidate added to Executive nominations
03/09/2007 NCA for GBR poll - update (1)
31/08/2007 IOMICA AGM 2007 Information for GBR owners
07/05/2007 2007 GBR IOM Nationals
04/03/2007 NCA for GBR annual report to IOMICA
21/02/2007 New IOM Registrar for GBR
21/02/2007 Jim Vice stands down as Class Registrar
19/01/2007 MYA Tech Sec's report to January MYA Council meeting

Statement concerning IOMICA AGM
IOMICA have just changed the Agenda for the 2007 AGM for the third time.  The NCA for GBR had responded to the second change by both altering the ballot form as necessary and in recontacting those owners who had already voted.  However,  we have decided not to accept the IOMICA Executive's request to re-ballot following this third change.  The following statement has been prepared for NCA for GBR owners in order to provide some additional background and to explain the reasons for making this decision:
NCA for GBR statement concerning the 2007 IOMICA AGM (pdf file)
  IOMICA AGM 2007 
Important update
IOMICA have added an extra candidate to the list of nominations for the Executive.  A new voting form has now been uploaded to the 2007 AGM voting arrangements page.  Anyone who has already voted will be contacted in the next couple of days and asked to vote separately on the election for Chairman.
NCA for GBR poll update
I am pleased to advise GBR owners that a weekend of hard work has seen not only the database updated but also emails sent to 80 MYA club secretaries and 340 individual Certificated or Registered owners.  I had problems with 3 of the club secretary emails and with 65 of the individual owners emails. 

If you or your club secretary have not received an email,  then please email me on

You may ask why are we having problems with email addresses - however,  keeping email addresses up-to-date requires each owner to let me know when they change their email address -  its quite hard to remember to do that and I have to make sure that I change the database.   We haven't really got into the swing of doing all of this yet.

Meanwhile,  as of 11pm this evening,  I have received 7 satisfactory votes - thats 23% of the total number received last year !  Many thanks to those 7 owners and also to the 5 or 6 other secretaries and owners who have emailed me with thier votes or on a number of topics related to the electronic mailshot.
  IOMICA AGM 2007 
The IOMICA AGM this years calls for 2 resolutions to be voted upon and for the Executive committee to be elected for the next 2 years.  Click on the link above to get information on how to participate in the NCA for GBR vote. 

The NCA for GBR vote will be collated and submitted by Richard Rowan (Class Secretary and World Council Representative).    NCA for GBR voting papers or emails must be returned to Richard by Monday 17th September 2007.

All NCA for GBR boat owners are requested to update their personal and boat information.  Use the web registration form - click on the link in yellow above.
5 to 7/05/2007
IOM Nationals
The 2007 GBR IOM Nationals was held this year in Scotland on 5th to 7th May.  The venue was Castle Semple near Paisley in Renfrewshire.  The principal host club was Buchaness MYC but all the Scottish clubs provided help and resources.

IOM GBR Nationals 2007 final page
NCA annual report
The NCA for GBR's 2006 annual report to IOMICA.  

Report (pdf file)
New class registrar
With effect from 12th March 2007,  David Stewart of Ashton Quays RYC will take over as the IOM Registrar for GBR. 

His contact details are:
   Postal address:  10 Woodford Avenue, Shaw, Oldham OL2 8HJ
   Telephone:   01706 844 464
Jim Vice stands down
as IOM Registrar
After 10 years service to the IOM Class in the UK,  Jim Vice is standing down as Class Registrar in March.  I am sure that we all would wish to thank Jim for his consistent and diligent service over all those years.

The new Class Registrar will be David Stewart from Ashton Quays RYC.  Dave takes over from Jim on 12th March 2007.

Currently Jim and Dave are carrying out the handover electronically but physically there is the problem of getting 15 lever arch files full of measurement forms and hard copy certificates transferred to Dave.
Tech Sec's report to
MYA Council
Click here to read the IOM part of the MYA Technical Secretary's report to the January MYA Council meeting.